What happens next?

As we have finished consulting with industry, we now move to the next phase where we formally seek the views of employers. Here's some more information about the next step and how employers can get involved.

What is consensus?

Before a Levy Order can be made, the Industrial Training Act 1982 requires CITB to carry out "reasonable steps" to satisfy the Secretary of State that the proposals are necessary to encourage adequate training in the industry. To do this CITB has to consult with, and gain, the majority support of 'likely Levy payers' (by number and value).

How do I get my vote?

There are two routes by which CITB will determine if it has reached a Consensus with the construction industry – by an independent survey of Levy paying employers and through the Consensus Federations (prescribed organisations).

If you are a member of a Consensus Federation they will take reasonable steps to seek the views of their Levy paying members.

If you are not a member of a Consensus Federation but are likely to pay the CITB Levy, there is a good chance you will be contacted by IFF Research (CITB’s chosen market research agency for the 2017 independent Consensus survey) who will ask you some simple questions.

CITB will provide the market research agency the primary contact details for employers taken from the 2016 Levy Return, and they will ask to speak to the most appropriate person in the business. For example, for small companies they will ask for the business owner and in larger companies the training or HR manager.

Learn more about how CITB manages Consensus.

What's the role of the Consensus Federation?

There are fourteen Consensus Federations (prescribed organisations). They will take take reasonable steps to seek the views of the Levy payers they represent before they form their own view on the Levy proposal.

The process Consensus Federations take to get the views of their members is for each Federation to decide and may be different from Federation to Federation and is not something that CITB should be involved in.

How and when will we hear the results?

CITB will publish the results of Consensus at the beginning of November 2017 – this will allow for the independent survey results and the results from the Consensus Federations to be collated and analysed.

CITB will use all available methods to let the Industry know the results; this will include:

  • by letter to all registered employers;
  • on our website;
  • at the planned autumn 2017 Employer Advisory events.

Look out for dates to be published on our website, and through the construction media.

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