How the levy helps industry

CITB’s levy and grants system ensures that the British construction industry has the skilled workforce that it needs.

The levy funds that we collect from employers are invested back into the industry through training. This helps to drive up standards to ensure projects are completed safely, sustainably, on time and within budget.

What the levy supports

For employers in the construction industry, the levy means that we can:

  • provide grants to train new staff and develop the skills of their existing workforce. Regardless of peaks and troughs in the industry, we continue to invest in skills and training.
  • organise card schemes that are recognised industry-wide.
  • offer high-quality apprenticeships, combining college learning with on-site experience.
  • develop occupational standards and qualifications for construction.
  • promote the construction industry, encouraging a diverse range of people to enter it.
  • carry out research into industry trends and future skills requirements.
  • influence government policy in relation to the construction industry.
  • provide Company Advisors, who work with employer groups to help businesses identify and meet their training needs.

Our levy and grant system continues to be strongly supported by employers in the construction industry, who recognise its value.

How levy funds are shared across industry

The table below (data from 2014 annual accounts) shows how levy funds are shared among micro to large companies to support training.  

  • Micro companies: 1 to 9 employees
  • Small companies: 10 to 49 employees
  • Medium companies: 50 to 249 employees
  • Large companies: 250+ employees

Number of new trainees

CITB-supported trainees in their first and subsequent years of training

Source: CITB 2014 Annual Accounts







Levy funds from employers 






CITB grants and support for training






Number of companies with new entrant trainees






How to get grants

To access CITB grants and other support for training:

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