National Specialist Accredited Centre

The National Specialist Team in Scotland acts as a channel between specialist employers, trade associations and federations and CITB

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The team provides a bespoke service to the specialist sector by way of identifying needs and developing alternative and flexible training solutions for qualifying the specialist workforce, it also provides a dedicated delivery service for training and assessment through the new National Specialist Accredited Centre (NSAC) Scotland.


NSAC Scotland’s particular focus will be those that are hard to reach and potentially difficult to fund, owing to the minority status of the many specialist occupations.


NSAC Scotland’s assessment and training centre covers over 100 Vocational Qualifications delivered with the support of specialist industry assessors and specialist trade associations/federations. The following Specialist Training is available through NSAC Scotland:

  • Specialist Modern Apprenticeships (SMA)
  • Specialist Up-skilling Programmes (SUP)
  • On Site Assessment (OSAT)


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