Projects and initiatives in Scotland

CITB is working with the Scottish Government to lever in additional support for the construction industry in Scotland through a £2m Joint Investment Strategy

This strategy will bring in an additional £800,000 of much needed match funding across a range of activities. 

These include:

  • Workshops to let employers know about the potential benefits from Green Deal and the Client Based Approach
  • Additional support for pre-vocational training to ensure that young people entering Modern Apprenticeship programmes are best prepared for a career in the industry
  • Support to female new entrants and career changers through our work with Napier University
  • Innovative approaches to apprenticeship training through a project with Heriot Watt University

The Joint Investment Strategy will also work with Historic Scotland to develop a Buildings MOT scheme and with support the development of two new Scottish specific Constructionarium projects.

We represent the industry on Cross Party Groups and feeds in key issues through Scottish Government consultations

We also produce regular Labour Market Information reports outlining the skills requirements for the construction industry through the ConstructionSkills Network.

Client Based Approach

It has long been recognised that during the procurement stages, public bodies have an opportunity as clients procuring works and services to leverage a significant amount of training and employment opportunities

What has been missing is practical guidance and advice that addresses the procurement, legal and contractual issues in a simple framework.

Guidance has been commissioned by CITB for the construction industry, and will allow local authorities and other bodies procuring construction projects to embed employment and skills into the heart of a project. It also explains how progress towards the outcomes can be monitored and improved.  

Public bodies have huge sway on the training and skills legacy of a project, so this guidance allows realistic and achievable benchmarks, based on information from previous construction projects, to be set right along the supply chain.


Further best practice guidance has also been designed specifically for contractors and developers to help embed and monitor skills and training outcomes on construction projects. 

Labout Market Intelligence in Scotland

The Construction Skills Network (CSN) is a unique method of establishing the future skills and training requirements of the construction industry and provides a consensus view of the current and future skills training needs. Reports are produced in February and the information is continually updated throughout the year.’

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