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Remote Apprenticeship learning - joining instructions

Your remote learning programme is important to us, to support you through this we have worked on a combination of online ‘remote learning’ with your instructor and set work to be completed and submitted from home.

We recommended that you use a PC or laptop which will help you fully engage with the process and complete set tasks. A larger size tablet may be sufficient but we feel a mobile phone will not be suitable.  

The tutorial sessions will be delivered through Microsoft Teams. You will be invited to join your remote learning session via a link, sent to you prior to the session through your email address. Using the link on the invitation you will be able to log into the meeting through web browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge without needing to download any additional software. Other devices such as Android tablets may require installation of the Teams app. We are asking that you log in at least 15 minutes before the start time so you are ready to be admitted into the session once you click on the link.  If you have difficulty joining, please contact .

Laptop / PC requirements 

Prior to your sessions can you check that you are:

  • Connected to the internet  
  • Are logged into a compatible web browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge)
  • Have a fully working webcam and microphone 
  • Able to access your emails to enable you to receive work   
  • Able to open Microsoft Word and PDF documents.

Safety of our remote Apprenticeship learners

The safety of our learners during remote learning classes is of paramount importance.  Please take a minute to read through this advice:

  1. Your learning should take place in the workplace or at home, please use an environment that is quiet, safe and free from distractions. 
  2. During remote learning sessions, please conduct yourself as you would when in a classroom. Teachers may remove any learners who are disruptive to the remote learning sessions.
  3. Be respectful and mindful of others.  Please mind your language during the remote learning sessions.
  4. You must not record or take photos of the live lessons or share any content on social media platforms.  If recording must take place, this will be done by your teacher and shared appropriately with the learners. 
  5. Ensure you are on time for your remote learning session. 
  6. Please ensure you are dressed appropriately for learning. If there are other people who are likely to be visible please ensure they are also dressed appropriately too.
  7. We ask that you remain attentive during sessions and interact patiently and respectfully with your teachers and peers.
  8. If you have any feedback about your experiences and any relevant suggestions to improve the sessions please pass them onto your teachers.