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Important - Outcome of the ITC review

After the review of CITB’s current testing estate, it has been found that CITB have sufficient test centres throughout the UK to meet with the demand required by industry. Therefore, CITB will not be taking on any applications to become an ITC presently. If further test centres for the testing suite are required, this will be done in conjunction with industry. Please contact if you have any further questions.

ITC News

Striving for customer excellence

Every month CITB mystery shops a number of our approved centres that deliver HS&E test or the Site Safety Plus one day Health, Safety and Awareness course.

The purpose of the mystery shop is to collect data on a number of areas including: 

  • Ease of booking
  • Ease of locating test/course building
  • Level of customer service at time of test/course
  • Consistency of delivery of test/course
  • Compliance to requirements of Scheme Rules

CITB will be contacting each centre that has had a mystery shop the previous month. We will then relay back to the centre the feedback received.

Focus is to highlight positives and suggest areas of improvement. By doing this we can work together as a responsible team to ensure that we offer a consistently high level of customer satisfaction to benefit us both.

Thank you for your support.

Reminders from Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team have raised a few issues that have occurred during auditing. Please make sure that your centre is aware of the following requirements:

  1. CCTV needs to cover the whole test room including the test administrator and any additional requirements as stated in the Scheme rules, Appendix 1.
  2. CCTV camera times need to correspond with the times on your test stations.
  3. Do not keep copies of candidate’s bank statements and or card details if this is presented as ID.
  4. When a request for ID or CCTV footage is requested from Testing Service please ensure that this is submitted back to CITB in 2 working days (the date and time will be confirmed in the request). A failure to comply may result with in immediate suspension from delivering tests.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact the ITC Admin team who will direct your queries to the relevant department.

Candidate ID requests for ITC Centres

We may need to request to view candidate ID records for quality, audit or investigation matters, which may be from the previous 2 years of testing.  Our requests for candidate ID records must be adhered to and with us within two working days.   Centres unable to comply may be suspended from testing, until records have been received.

If records display non conformity to specifications outlined in the ITC Information pack, centres may be immediately suspended from testing, with 30 days to meet any necessary actions to make the centre compliant.

An additional visit would then be undertaken to ensure the improvements are in place, which would be chargeable.

Actions from the ITC Quality Assurance review

We recently reviewed our Quality Assurance (QA) visits to help develop our services, below are the areas identified for further development.

Quality Consultants

 Your Quality Consultants (QC) will now be able to offer you help with other areas of your ITC business, giving you information, advice and guidance on systems and processes.  They will still cover quality assurance duties, but their business knowledge and experience is at your disposal.  

Centre visits

QC’s will make two types of visits; planned and unannounced.

1.     Planned visits

Focused to provide ITC centres the same approach as other CITB Quality Assurance visits.   Frequency of visits will be based on centre activity, your QC will call to make suitable plans with you.

Planned visits dates, times and agenda will also be emailed, to help you prepare and confirm your availability. 

Planned visits can cover several items, such as:

  1. Management systems and processes
  2. Ensuring centre information is up-to-date and reflects information held on our database
  3. Review administrator tests are up-to-date
  4. Examine CCTV installation and footage is to our requirements; a sample of the previous 30 days recordings will be taken*
  5. Evaluate samples of test logs and ID documentation
  6. Check test room facilities
  7. Make time for advice and guidance.

2.     Unannounced visits

We reserve the right to make unannounced ‘drop in’ visits.  Although, planned visits will take priority.

Visit reports

 It has been agreed QC’s will now give verbal feedback to Centres during their visit. Then, within 5 working days the report confirming outcomes and any actions, will be emailed to the centre.  Centres will no longer receive a letter with the report.

Please question and discuss any improvement points which may have been identified. We will continue to maintain a sanctioning rationale, based on any improvements found.

We hope you find our visits useful, helping to support and develop your centre.

*CCTV requirements.

Centres must ensure all staff are trained to use CCTV and able to show the QC the system in use and provide recordings, as requested.

Are you taking the correct CITB ITC Administrator test?

During recent ITC audits we found some administrators had taken the incorrect Administrators test. 

Please make sure when you book on Registration Manager ‘CITB_PVTC: ITC Administrator Test’; to select ‘CITB administrators test’ and not Pearson VUE administrator test.

If you are unsure which test you have taken, contact Pearson VUE to check your details;

Call: 0161 855 7459 (option 2).

The test must be taken annually to maintain standards and be compliant.

CCTV requests at ITC

Test centres are required to keep accurate CCTV recordings of the previous 30 days.  CITB may need to request copies of CCTV recordings, for quality, audit or investigation matters. Requests must be adhered to and provided within two working days.  Non-compliance could lead to the centre being suspended from testing until CCTV recordings have been received.

If CCTV recordings show non conformity of specification 5.3 and Appendix 1 of ITC Information pack, the centre will be suspended from testing immediately and given 30 days to make improvements to ensure the centre is fully compliant, such as:

  • Test centre registered with the Information Commissions Office  (ICO)
  • Have, comply with and make available a CCTV policy
  • CCTV installed and operated in line with the ICO and enforced
  • CCTV working in booking-in area and test room(s)
  • Advice candidate CCTV signage
  • Clear CCTV footage
  • Footage must be kept for 30 days
  • Adequate CCTV storage facilities

For full details please refer to specification 5.3 and Appendix 1 of ITC Information pack

An additional visit would be charged to the centre to ensure all improvements are complete

ACoP logoAward winning ITC

Congratulations to ACOP Training (an ITC based in Wales). Centre staff recently won the ‘Centre of the Year’ award in the wider ‘UK and Ireland’ category for SQA. 

Judges were impressed with ACOP on how they demonstrated outstanding commitment to learning for their candidates. This has enabled candidates to gain employment or progression in their current role, of which a number of candidates said they had gained a renewed sense of worth.  

ACOP were also successfully involved in supporting construction work to modify the Olympic Park in London, with individuals having to ensure that they had the relevant training, CITB HS&E test and Scheme card.

Congratulations and well done to ACOP Training, keep up the brilliant work you are all doing.

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