My Census schedule has been agreed, what is the process of payment?

The Census Schedule is signed and returned to the office by the Apprenticeship Officer, a purchase order number is then issued to the Training Provider which must be quoted on the invoice. All invoices must be sent to our Accounts Payable department at: Accounts Payable, CITB, Bircham Newton, Nr.Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE31 6RH. 

How do we add new qualifications to our existing contract? 

As an Apprenticeship Framework Agreement holder, your organisation is able to add new provision to your offer even if you did not have this provision at the time of tendering. To add new provision you need to do the following: 

1. Contact your designated Contract Coordinator and advise of the new construction related qualification that is available. 

2. Provide a copy of the awarding body certification for your new qualification including the LARS reference number. 

3. In addition to the above, you need to state when you will be able to start your new qualification offer, the maximum number of learner spaces and if the facilities and equipment is currently available to support the qualification. 

CITB will inform you of their decision in writing to include your new provision. Some new provision acceptance may be subject to a site meeting to establish that the correct facilities are in place. 

Once a new qualification offer has been accepted your designated Contract Coordinator will inform you of the decision. CITB's Customer Services Team database and the B-Constructive website will then be updated to show your new qualification. 

Can I get help to develop my SAR (Self-Assessment Report) or QDP (Quality Development Plan)? 

Yes you can, we have a dedicated Quality team within CITB who have many years of experience in FE and working with Ofsted. 

For more information, please speak with your Contract Coordinator. 

What is the minimum duration of an apprenticeship? 

Cohort 16-18 - Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships - Minimum 366 days.

Cohort 19+ - Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships - Minimum duration 161 days (RPL will be included). 

All frameworks must adhere to the Frameworks Online/SASE guided learning hours for all occupations. 

How can our organisation make sure it is ESF (European Social Funding) compliant? 

In 2014/2015 the European Social Fund Co-Financing Projects 2007-2013 (ESF) was replaced by the European Structural and Investment Fund 2014-2020 (ESIF). Training organisations accessing funding for Apprenticeships and Training through the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) need to be aware that some learners attract match funding through ESIF. General eligibility for ESIF learners is set out in the ESIF Operational Programme for England. the ESF/ESIF division is a part of the Department of Work and Pensions. Further information is available by clicking the link here.   

General compliance for ESF/ESIF is as follows: 

1. Displaying an ESF plaque in your premises. 

2. Ensuring Training Organisations display with ESF logo on websites, learner enrolment documents and training materials.

3. Ensuring Training Organisations tell learners that they are on a programme funded by the ESF, which SFA could use for match funding . 

4. Keep all learner data and documents until the end of the document retention period for the 2007 to 2013 ESF programme (at least 31st December 2022) and 2014 to 2020 (at least 31st December 2030).

5. Having policies for equal opportunities and sustainable development including action plans. Current download and use of logos can be found here

What is RTO (Register of Training Organisations)?

The Register is a single register of organisations that have passed the SFA Due Diligence Assurance Gateway and are eligible to enter into SFA procurements exercises. 

The Register is the SFA's only market entry point for organisations intending to deliver education and vocational skills training services for the Chief Executive of Skills Funding (Chief Executive).

Who registers CITB learners with the Awarding Body/Organisation?

There are two different processes to register CITB learners:

1. If your organisation uses CSkills Awarding Body, CITB registers CITB learners on your behalf for a fee of £65.00 which is deducted from your first Diploma census payment. 

2. If your organisation uses a different Awarding Body, to register CITB learners your organisation is responsible for registering the learner.  

If you are unsure about how to register CITB learners, please contact your designated Apprenticeship Officer who will happy to help you. 

What do I do if our organisation merges or changes its name? 

If your organisation changes its legal name or merges with another organisation, you must inform your CITB Contract Coordinator immediately. 

Once you have notified CITB, we will repsond in writing requesting details of your legal status changes. 

Once you information have been received CITB will contact you regarding any further requirements. During the transition period, your learners will be unaffected and must remain in learning, unless otherwise instructed by a representative of CITB. 

We have recently had an Ofsted inspection, who do I need to notify about the outcome? 

Following an inspection by Ofsted of the services provided, the Training Provider is obligated to inform their CITB Contract Coordinator of the outcome. 

In the event that any part of the service (including leadership and management) delivered under the contract is assessed by Ofsted as unsatisfactory, the Training Provider will develop and/or update its Ofsted Action Plan outlining how it will develop the strengths and address the areas for improvement identified in the inspection. The Training Provider will update and agree with their Contract Coordinator revision to its Ofsted Action Plan, setting out how it intends to implement its quality improvements actions. 

Our CITB Quality team will be happy to assist and support you with any further development work. Please contact your Contract Coordinator for further information. 

If you cannot find the answer to your specific question, please email us at

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