Ofsted Reports and Our Priorities

CITB reviews Ofsted inspection reports of its training providers to gain external validation on the quality of teaching and learning taking place.          

What does this mean for me?

The following may apply to a CITB training Provider:

  • Ofsted Outstanding and sharing of best practice with the wider CITB Network
  • A provider has received a grade 3 or 4 CITB will monitor the action plan put in place and offer support if required
  • A contract review meeting will be held immediately in the event of a unsatisfactory inspection
  • CITB can offer a 'critical friend' within your construction department as a method of pre inspection preparation
  • CITB will share any useful tips regarding inspection as appropriate.

If you have an unsatisfactory inspeciton and need to discuss your action plan with CITB, please contact your local area Contract Coordinator. Find their contact details here.

About Ofsted

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. We inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people, and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages.

Every week, we carry out hundreds of inspections and regulatory visits throughout England and publish the results online. We help providers that are not yet of good standard to improve, monitor their progress and share with them the best practice we find.

Our goal is to achieve excellence in education and skills for learners of all ages, and in the care of children and young people.

We report directly to Parliament and we are independent and impartial.

Our priorities

In 2014 to 2015 we will:

  1. Consult on new shorter but more regular inspections
  2. Develop a common inspection framework for a more coherent and consistent approach across early years, schools and further education providers
  3. From September 2015, contract directly with inspectors for education and further education and skills, rather than through a third party supplier (helping us ensure that inspectors are effectively sourced, trained and deployed)
  4. Continue to strengthen Ofsted’s regional structure and develop better local intelligence and stronger relationships with key regional partners
  5. Further develop the integrated inspection model for Children’s Services, which puts the user at the centre of inspection

New Common Inspection Framework

Over the spring and summer terms of 2015 Ofsted will prepare to introduce the new Common Inspection Framework and short inspections for good schools and providers. Next steps are set out below. 

  1. The Department for Education will lay regulations that will enable short  inspections to be conducted for schools judged good at their previous  inspections.
  2. In the spring and summer terms, we will:
  3. Conduct pilot inspections under the Common Inspection Framework and conduct further short inspection pilots
  4. Train our inspectors so they are ready to inspect under the new framework
  5. Continue to engage with key stakeholders and experts to shape the detail of our proposals
  6. Publish the new Common Inspection Framework and the supporting handbooks for each of the remits in the summer term 2015.
  7. We will introduce the proposals discussed in this document in September 2015.

Better inspection for all – a report on the responses to the consultation February 2015, No 150006

To read the full report, click here.

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