What we do

The Contracts team work with training providers across the UK to deliver Apprenticeship contracts and training.

Repsonsibilities and duties of the Contract team:

To effectively manage relationships with subcontractors, both external and internal to the organisation in England, Scotland and Wales, who hold a contract with CITB for Apprenticeship Provision.  
The Contracts Team ensure that performance, compliance and quality of provision is continually monitored; with a view to improve or to be maintained to required standards. 
We also contribute to the achievement of the organisation’s performance through delivery of quality Contract Management Review and audit work. This is carried out in accordance with our principles of adding value and working efficiently.

We provide information, advice, guidance and support to internal staff and external subcontractors regarding quality of provision, performance and contract compliance. This includes Funding body rules and requirements and the Contract issued by CITB.  
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