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Overview: Contractor led Skills Academies

The National Skills Academy for Construction (NSAfC) has been established for over 8 years and integrates skills development with major construction projects. Skills Academies are site centred and exist to help clients and contractors ensure skills needs are met on time, on demand and where it counts. Becoming approved by the NSAfC will provide the structure and direction to help you deliver consistent, quality training in a complex, live site environment meeting. At the same time enabling client obligations to be met in a realistic and meaningful way

The NSAfC will support you in your commitment to ensuring that site learning and development evolves hand in hand with your unique skills demand as your project moves through its lifecycle. NSAfC will help you to identify skills solutions and deliver them whether that’s craft, technical, professional or anywhere in between and at any point in your construction supply chain.

You’ll employ a Project Skills Coordinator to drive your project forwards, build a detailed training plan and act as a central liaison with companies working on site, to ensure that training reaches to all areas of site from new recruits to experienced workers, reaching the parts of industry that traditional training models cannot.

The NSAfC is led by employers and managed by CITB, an organisation which has successfully met the training needs of the industry for over 50 years, so you know you’re in good hands. Owned by employers and developed in partnership with CITB, clients, funding bodies, training & learning providers and government, you can be sure you have access to support, knowledge, expertise and skills when and where you need them.

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