About CITB research

Research from CITB provides targeted and useful labour market intelligence that benefits the UK construction industry

Our research needs are determined by our roles as a Sector Skills Council and an Industry Training Board. We also take into account economic drivers, immediate and emerging policy issues and industry skills challenges. 

To meet these needs, our research process includes: 

  • Continuous labour market intelligence
  • Analysis of industry change – economic, demographic and technological
  • Forecasting labour and skills requirements
  • Bespoke primary research
  • Evaluation work

Working with other Sector Skills Councils, and the Alliance of Sector Skills Councils, enables us to connect our skills needs assessments and sector specific work to the economy wide agenda. 

Working with the Alliance’s Intelligence Network also enables us to stay up-to-date with leading research.

Research reports planned for 2016

  • Construction Skills Network
  • Grant Modernisation - Employer Consultation
  • Local Enterprise Planning Snapshots
  • Training & the Built Environment
  • Training Provider Resilience
  • Skills & Training in the Construction Sector

Key Contacts

Research & Development Operations Manager
Lee Bryer
0300 456 7681

Research Analyst
Ian Hill
0300 456 7289

Research Analyst
Adam Evans
0300 456 7226

Research Analyst
Martin Turner
0777 137 1662

Research Analyst
Alan Tanner
0300 456 7276

Future Skills Researcher
Karen Hazelden
0773 080 2395

Research Analyst
Kirsty Woolsey
0300 456 7807

Research Analyst
Stuart Greenacre
0300 456 7945

Research Assistant
Gareth J. Williams
0300 456 7718

Research Assistant
Alicia Hammond
0300 456 7707

Research Assistant
Emma Link
0300 456 7961

Research disclaimer

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Copyright 2005-2015 (“CITB”) and should not be copied, reproduced nor passed to a third party without CITB prior written agreement. 
These materials are created using data and information provided to CITB by third parties that CITB are not able to control or verify the accuracy. 
Accordingly, CITB does not give any warranty about the accuracy or fitness for any particular purpose of these materials. Furthermore, these materials do not constitute advice and should not be used as the sole basis for any business decision and as such CITB shall not be liable for any decisions taken on the basis of the same. 
You acknowledge that materials which use empirical data and/or statistical data and/or data modelling and/or forecasting techniques to provide indicative and/or predictive data cannot be taken as a guarantee of any particular result or outcome. 
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