How the CSN works

The Construction Skills Network gives you access to market intelligence that will be instrumental in helping you or your business plan for the future

The CSN is co-ordinated by CITB in conjunction with Experian, who provide information and analytical services through the model approach.

The role of CSN members is primarily to validate and test the CSN forecasts and assumptions at observatory meetings by using their skills and knowledge to enhance the data.

Members' contributions are instrumental in ensuring that forecasts are accurate and enabling us to efficiently and effectively plan our response to skills needs.

Benefits of the Construction Skills Network 

Having access to CSN labour market intelligence and trend insight allows the industry, government, regional agencies and key stakeholders to: 

  • Identify sectors that are likely to be the strongest drivers of work output growth in each nation and region
  • Pinpoint the associated, specific skills that will be needed year by year
  • Highlight trends across the industry such as national and regional shifts in demand
  • Plan ahead and address the skills needs of a traditionally mobile workforce
  • Prepare for an increase in demand for certain skills at certain times
  • Understand the levels of new entrants required, and the qualifications required to ensure a qualified and competent workforce is available

CSN membership testimonials

“We use the CSN data for essentially enhancing our comprehension of where the market is going, combined with providing key market intelligence to our member firms through our economic bulletins and other such outputs.” 

Adam Patterson, Association for Consultancy & Engineering

“We use the CSN forecast to brief the Scottish Funding Council skills committee on construction sector training requirements and skills shortages in the future.” 

David Baudains, Scotland Funding Council 

“We use the CSN forecast to plan intakes of students and to identify trends in demand for particular professions. We also use it to develop and support business cases for academic programme developments.” 

Peter Kennedy, Glasgow Caledonian University

“We run a project which works with unemployed and economically inactive people to recruit, train and facilitate access to employment opportunities. This data has been used to understand where gaps will be in the industry and where opportunities will still exist.” 

Laura Hayfield, Cross River Partnership

Want to become a member?

CSN Members benefit from:

  • Early visibility of forecasts
  • The opportunity to influence and inform the data
  • Access to sub-regional LMI reports
  • Use of CSN data for business planning
  • Monthly CSN Newsletters
  • Access to the CSN Huddle
  • Access to observatory materials
  • Access to related research
  • Scenario planning
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