The apprenticeship programme is becoming more responsive to the needs of Employers.


Why are Apprenticeships changing?

The Richard Review found that there were key areas of the (apprenticeships) programme where significant improvements could be made to make it more rigorous and responsive to the needs of employers. BIS’ plans for implementing these reforms are set out in The Future of Apprenticeships in England: Implementation Plan, first published in October 2013, revised in December 2015.

The key measures aim to:

Increase the quality of apprenticeships. 

Put employers in the driving seat.

Simplify the system. 

Give employers purchasing power. 

The construction sector is currently in the process of developing new and re-developing existing apprenticeship frameworks to meet the published trailblazer apprenticeship standard requirements.

The Apprenticeship Development process - A summary

  • A minimum of ten employers is required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Expressions of Interest are completed online through the government webpage which you can visit by following the link
  • Following approval of the EOI an Apprenticeship Standard is developed by employers and submitted to Government for approval
  • After the Apprenticeship Standard has been approved work begins on developing the Apprenticeship Assessment Plan

How can CITB support the development process

By invitation CITB is able to support employer development groups in the following:

Transition of existing Apprenticeships to meet the new Apprenticeship Standards criteria

Development of new Apprenticeships (no current provision)

By invitation, CITB can support employers through the development process. For further information on developing Apprenticeship Standards and how CITB can support this process please contact us by either emailing standards.qualifications or by completing the ‘Have your say’ on-line form.


Small Business Travel Fund Guidance and Claims

The small business travel fund guidance and claim form can be found at Annex H of the 'How to' guide for trailblazers  

CITB and current Apprenticeship development

To view the current development status of Apprenticeship Standards please follow the link Apprenticeship Standards developed by employers to see the list of occupations available.

If you would like further information on the Apprenticeship Standard development that CITB has been invited to support please email us on Standards.qualifications

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