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Framework modules and supporting resources

There are five core modules and accompanying documents and templates in the Be FaIR Framework. Each module is construction focused and role specific, and covers all the protected characteristics listed in the Equality Act 2010.

Descriptions of each module and a list of all the supporting resources can be found below.

All the modules and accompanying resources are available download in a zipped file (ZIP, 3.6MB).

Module 1: Commitment

This module looks at how an organisation engages with its customers and community.

The module focuses leadership and the implications of FIR on budget, strategy and governance. It may also require an organisation to communicate its commitment to FIR to its clients and through opportunities arising out of various networking activities.

It encourages being able to plan strategically in order to meet FIR requirements, demonstrate leadership and use influence to further the FIR agenda.

Module 2: Policies and procedures

This module clearly outlines the requirements for an organisation to comply with the protected characteristics covered in the Equality Act 2010 and ensures the relevant policies and procedures are in place to facilitate these requirements.

It is predominantly paper-based with the aim of making sure the organisation has the correct foundation in place to enable behavioural change to take place.

The module also encourages the organisation to extend its influence in FIR related matters through its public relations and web activities.

Module 3: Employment

This module focuses on the organisation’s approach to employment practices and the monitoring of those practices. It is concerned with how staff are managed and strategically considered in the workplace.

The organisation may decide to act upon the results of the monitoring exercise, especially if they are seeking Accreditation.

A key element of this module is that the organisation maintains fair, inclusive and respectful treatment of its workforce and demonstrates this through its recruitment practices as well.

Module 4: Site environment

This module looks at embedding the principles of fairness, inclusion and respect into current site practices.

This module is important for the framework because the site environment is where practices are implemented and behaviours can be observed.

This is where the organisation can see the impact and results of the FIR measures it has put into place.

Module 5: Supply chain

Note: this module is only relevant where a construction company actually engages with some form of the supply chain.

It is important to understand the role of the supply chain in an organisation’s commitment to FIR and this module looks at how FIR is driven down the supply chain.

The emphasis is on working with and protecting the supply chain rather than passing on the risk.  If change is going to occur within the industry, the supply chain must be brought on board.

This module provides the organisation with the means to monitor and influence interactions with their supply chain around FIR and ensure compliance during the procurement process.

The following lists all the supporting documents, templates and resources available in the Be FaIR Framework.

You can develop your own version, or amend/adapt ours. All these documents are available in the downloadable zip file package (ZIP, 3.6MB).


T1: Monitoring Form
T2: Be Fair Representative Agreement
T3: Be Fair Agreement
T4: (Director) Sub-Contractor Letter
T5: Three Strike Policy
T6: Sub-Contractor Supply Chain Obligations
T7: Be Fair Meeting Agenda Template
T8: Manager Sign-up
T9: Induction Template
T10: Site Facilities Check Sheet: Examples
T11: Be Fair Sub-Contactor Final Evaluation
T12: Job Description Template
T13: Person Specification Template
T14: Job Advertisement Template
T15: CV Assessment Template
T16: Interview Assessment Template
T17: Internal Memo Template
T18: Workplace Health Form
T19: Individual Training and Development Plan
T20: Employee Performance Review
T21: Exit Interview Template
T22: Interview Feedback Template
T23: Client Letter
T24: Partner Letter
T25: Company Director and CEO Sign-up Letter
T26: Site Mileage Form
T27: Site Hours Form
T28: Clauses
T29: FIR Guiding Principles

Policies and procedures

P1: Adoption Policy
P2: Bullying and Harassment Policy
P3: Capability Procedure
P4: Career Break Policy
P5: Disciplinary Procedure
P6: Equal Opportunities Procedure
P7: Flexible Working Policy
P8: Grievance Policy: Medium to Large Firms
P9: Grievance Policy: Small Firms
P10: Homeworking Policy
P11: Maternity Policy
P12: Parental Leave Policy
P13: Paternity Policy
P14: Recruitment and Progression Policy Guidance
P15: Redundancy Policy
P16: Retirement Policy
P17: Sickness Absence Policy
P18: Time-off for Dependents
P19: Welsh Language Policy
P20: Whistleblowing Policy


Poster 1: Fairness, inclusion and respect at work
Poster 2: Know your health and safety rights
Poster 3: We can support you at work
Poster 4: Do you understand the barriers and pressures of working onsite?
Poster 5: A positive approach can make all the difference
Poster 6: Fainess, inclusion and respect for all
Poster 7: Be Fair Accreditation. We're making it happen.
Poster 8: Be Fair representitives wanted


Leaflet 1: Be Fair - English
Leaflet 1: Be Fair - Welsh

Toolbox talks

TBT1: Acceptable Language
TBT2: Health, Work and Wellbeing
TBT3: Respect
TBT4: Your Responsibilities
TBT5: Welfare
TBTa: Supporting Information
TBTb: Toolbox Talk Attendance Form
TBTc: Certificate Template