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D23: Working at height

D23 For further information refer to the HSE’s website and to the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation’s website.

For further information on safe working at height for scaffolders refer to the NASC publication Preventing falls in scaffolding (SG4).


For further information refer to the HSE guidance Safe use of ladders and stepladders (INDG455).

D23 For further information refer to the HSE document The selection, management and use of mobile elevating work platforms (GEIS6).
D23 The emergency descent symbol is available to download for free from the IPAF website.

The booklet Health and safety in roof work (HSG33) contains expert advice from the HSE and is a useful source of further information for companies that carry out roof work.


The Advisory Committee for Roofsafety (ACR) represents roofing trade associations and provides industry guidance.

D23 For more information on good practice download the free HSE leaflet Roof work. (295KB, PDF)
D23 CITB and HSE have made available a fragile roofs video to highlight the dangers of unsafe working on fragile roofs.

D23 For further information refer to the following HSE publications:
Working on roofs (INDG284). (568KB, PDF)
Fragile roofs (GEIS5).


For comprehensive information on inspection refer to the HSE publication Inspecting fall arrest equipment made from webbing or rope (INDG367). (340KB, PDF)

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D24: Excavations and underground services

D24 For gas emergencies, phone Gas Emergency Services [0800 111999]
D24 For electricity emergencies, phone the National Grid 24-hour electrical emergency service [0800 404090]
D24 You can download the free leaflet Excavation: what you need to know as a busy builder from the HSE website. (508KB, PDF)
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