Client based approach

What is the client based approach?

The client based approach (CBA) is a free toolkit for organisations that are planning or procuring construction projects. It provides information and guidance on employment and skills requirements.

The toolkit contains everything you need to provide more employment and training opportunities, including apprenticeships, on any type and size of construction project. It contains a series of industry approved benchmarks, set against eight key performance indicators (KPIs or employment and skills areas) to make sure opportunities are created for all members of the community and the existing construction workforce.

We appointed Trowers & Hamlins LLP as consultants in the production of the toolkit. This means it complies  with EU procurement procedures, Section 106 Agreements and a wide variety of building contracts, including JCT, NEC3 and PPC2000.

The KPIs can be applied to both new build and repair and maintenance projects. They cover:

  • work placements (in education )
  • work placements (not in education)
  • jobs created by NSAfC projects (new entrants)
  • construction careers information, advice and guidance events
  • waged training weeks on site 
  • qualifying the workforce
  • training plans
  • case studies approved 

Who can apply?

  • Any legal entity responsible for the ongoing procurement of construction projects
  • Also in England, any local council with planning or development control authority

The CBA guidance remains the intellectual property of CITB. If you wish to use any part of it,  contact NSAfC using the online  form. If you successfully implement the toolkit you will be able to apply to join the National Skills Academy for Construction network.

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