Quality assurance

Cskills Awards qualifications are delivered by a network of centres and providers. To ensure all qualifications issued are safe and the assessment, training and verification is robust, our centres are quality assured by occupationally expert and qualified external quality advisors.

The quality advisor’s key role is to give you guidance, advice and support in relation to the course content and administration process. As an approved centre you can expect to receive monitoring visits that are scheduled by our unique planning tool. You will be notified in advance of your quality advisor visit. The focus is on the delivery of your training and assessments to constantly uphold and improve standards.

The Cskills Awards QCF Requirements for Approved Centres (385 KB, PDF) and the Addendum to Requirements for Approved Centres (384KB, PDF) explain the various criteria your centre will need to meet.

To help you meet these requirements we have a range of guidance documents and policies available to download:



ConstructionSkills Consolidated Assessment Strategy (127KB, PDF)

Proskills QCF Assessment Strategy (498KB, PDF)

CFA Skills Management and Leadership Assessment Strategy (92 KB, PDF)



Centre Recognition policy (57KB, PDF) 

Conflict of Interest policy (108KB, PDF)

Equality of Opportunity and Diversity and Reasonable Adjustment and Special Considerations policy (47KB, PDF)

Invigilation policy for Training Qualifications (81KB, PDF) 

Learner Transfer policy (QCF and NQF) (52 KB, PDF)

Malpractice policy (100KB, PDF)

Malpractice Report Form (86KB, PDF)


Assessment and Internal Quality Assurance Fact Sheets

Record Keeping Factsheet (239KB, PDF)

Performance Tables Letter of Support

For the letters of support associated with our qualifications that are in the performance tables, please see our Department for Education Performance Tables Page.