Utilities Engineering

Utilities Engineering provides training and assessment support to the gas, electric, water, refrigerant, steam and renewable industries.

All the information you need to become an approved centre and to deliver our schemes is given below:


Becoming an approved centre

If you wish to provide training and assessments for the Utilities Engineering schemes you need to become an approved centre. Please contact your customer co-ordinator to find out more about the approval process on 0344 994 4020.

We have technical advisors who can support and guide you through the steps you need to take to gain approval.

You may find it useful to view the information below before applying for approval.

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Operational documents

The following documents define the requirements and the policies and procedures for approved centres to follow. They form part of the Centre Operational Manual (COM), the manual that all approved centres have full access to.

02 - Facility requirements (485KB, PDF)

03 - Health and safety (493KB, PDF)

04 - Centre personnel (554KB, PDF)

05 - Equal opportunities (504KB, PDF)

06 - Complaints (474KB, PDF)

07 - Documentation and publications (538KB, PDF)

08 - Security (479KB, PDF)

09 - Marketing (562B, PDF)

10 - Approval of centre facilities and centre schedule (86KB, PDF)

11 - Internal quality audit (475KB, PDF)

12 - Standards of service and contact (477KB, PDF)

13 - Schedule of fees and funding information (508KB, PDF)

14 - Operative application (500KB, PDF)

15 - Assessment preparation (521KB, PDF)

16 - Assessments (558KB, PDF)

17 - Internal verification (536KB, PDF)

18 - Notification (500KB, PDF)

19 - Statistical records (505KB, PDF)

21 - COM document issue status list (issued: March 2015) (252KB, PDF)

The following sections are restricted to Approved Centre use only

To attain a password please contact your customer co-ordinator
Foreword (29KB, PDF)


Example forms (38KB, PDF)

Resource Materials

Resource material

Gas Training IGC

Centre Specification and Procedures (54KB, PDF)
Documents (47KB, PDF)


Building Regs Part G3 UHWSS Centre Specification and Procedures (45KB, PDF)
Building Regs Part G3 UHWSS Document Issue status list (43KB, PDF)


Training Centre Specification and Procedures (32KB, PDF)
Assessment Centre Specification and Procedures (84KB, PDF)
Document Issue status list (48KB, PDF)


Centre Specification and Procedures (338KB, PDF)
Document Issue status list (190KB, PDF)

Renewables and Energy Efficiency

(EEDH) Centre Specification and Procedures (57KB, PDF)
(Solar) Centre Specification and Procedures (133KB, PDF)
(Solar) Scheme Info (43KB, PDF)
Document Issue status list (38KB, PDF)

Part P Electrical Safety

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Scheme information

A summary of each of the schemes on offer is available in Qualifications and courses.

Further details of each scheme are available for you to download:

Building Regulations Part P (59KB, PDF)

Electric (47KB, PDF)

Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating (42KB, PDF)

Gas training

Refrigeration (434KB, PDF)

Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems

Water Regulations 1999 (202KB, PDF)

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