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Centre Operational Manual (COM) forms

The following forms are administration documents that form part of the operational manual. Access is restricted to Approved Centre use only.

GCS-FM-001/1 - Application for Certification – Part 1 (239KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-001/2(UE) - Application for Certification – Part 2 Utilities Engineering Schemes (50KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-001/2(IGC) - Application for Certification – Part 2 Intermediate Gas Certificate (145KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-001/2(Part P) - Application for Certification – Part 2 Building Regulations Part P Electrical Safety (31KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-002 - Training/Assessment Centre Application Form (282KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-003/2(Generic) - Record of Approval – Section 2 - Extension of Scope (167KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-004(UE) - Referral Notice – Generic (166KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-008 - Batch Cover Sheet (44KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-011 - Application for Assessment (247KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-011(UE) - Application for Assessment – Generic (174KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-027/2 - Assessment Termination Notice – Generic (126KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-028 - Personnel Compliance Agreement (65KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-030 - Written Question Paper Control (39KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-031 - Model Answer Sheet Control (39KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-033 - Assessment Result Notification (107KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-034 - Standards of Service for Assessment and Certification (16KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-040/1 - Application for Initial Approval of Scheme Personnel (176KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-040/2 - Extension of Scope of Scheme Personnel (100KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-042 - Supplementary Report Sheet (114KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-044 - PPC Recording Sheet – Generic (100KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-048 - Internal Verification Sampling Plan (80KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-049 - Verification Observation Assessment Checklist (169KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-050 - Verifiers Feedback Report Form (115KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-052 - Internally Verified Programme Log (29KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-053 - Procedure Auditing Plan (34KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-054 - Corrective Action Request (24KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-055 - Audit Report (76KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-056 - Corrective Action Request Status Log (31KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-058 - Operative Consent Form (113KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-059 - Approved Centre Publications Order Form (86KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-061 - Application for On-Site Training Assessment (37KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-065 - Application to Review/Update Publication and Assessment Documentation (42KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-068 - Health and Safety Questionnaire (73KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-075 - Centre Approval Self Declaration (72KB, PDF)

GCS-FM-076 - Intermediate Gas Certificate – Centre Approval Questions (130KB, PDF)

GCS-PU-003 - Assessment Information (60KB, PDF)

GCS-PU-014 - Operative’s Answer Sheet (209KB, DOC)

GCS-PU-039 - Matrix for Automatically Approving Centres (38KB, PDF)

GCS-PU-039(IGC) - Matrix for Automatically Approving Centres – Intermediate Gas Certificate and Gas Training (35KB, PDF)

GCS-PU-042 - Warning Notice (44KB, PDF)

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