As part of the continued move from Qualifications & Credit Framework (QCF) to the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF), we are in the process of assigning TQT to our Training Qualifications.

Our current suites of training qualifications have been running effectively with GLH, which will now be a component of TQT.  TQT includes GLH, assessment and self-directed study time.

The values for TQT, including GLH are calculated by considering the different activities that Learners would typically undertake to achieve and demonstrate the learning outcomes of a qualification.  

As the name suggests, whether the qualification follows a unitised structure or not, TQT is only calculated for the entire qualification, at 10 x total credit value, and not at unit level.

The 12 qualifications currently in the Performance Tables have already been assigned TQT as part of the DfE requirements.

All training qualifications will show TQT by September 2017.  These qualifications will remain to be funded on GLH and will not change.

To support you further we are doing an identification exercise across our main suite of Construction Diplomas to map any repetition across the units referencing the core content eg: Selection of PPE, Identifying Hazards, etc.