QCF competence (NVQ)

If you are experienced in construction and need to obtain a CSCS/CPCS card, or simply want to be recognised in your area of expertise, these qualifications are for you. They are also a component part of an apprenticeship programme for new entrants.

Cskills Awards has as suite of competence qualifications, previously known as NVQs.

As a learner you are asked to demonstrate, in a real workplace environment, that you are competent against a set of performance statements. You are assessed by an occupationally competent and qualified assessor whose job is to work with you and help you through your programme of learning.

Incremental Change 2014

Phase one

The first phase of incremental change launched on 1 February 2014, and you can view the list of qualifications affected (51 KB, PDF) . As the units had minimal changes, the qualifications have been processed as amendments and will have no direct impact for existing learners. These qualifications retained their existing award code and Qualification Regulation Number (QRN). Funding has not been affected.

Phase two

The second phase of incremental change launched on 1 May 2014, and you can view the list of qualifications affected and the updated Rules of Combination (RoC) (341 KB, PDF) . These qualifications had been re-submitted to Ofqual for approval and have new Qualification Regulation Numbers (QRN). Funding was in place for launch on 1 May 2014.

Highlighted amends for units

You can also view the highlighted amends for units (3 MB, PDF) for both phases one and two.

If you are a learner the Approved centre search helps you find qualifications that are available in your area.

If you are a centre the QCF Qualification search gives you all the details you need to deliver our competence qualifications.