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The Application to Renew a CPCS Competent Operator Card (F1/3), has to be counter-signed by a company-approved validator.

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Competent Operator Card Renewal Requirements

For full details see Renewing your Competent Operator card.

Expired Competent Card Holders - New Criteria

During the CPCS Management Committee meeting held in September 2013, a new criteria for expired Competent Card holders was proposed and subsequently a new criteria was agreed, for more information see the Renewing your Competent Operator card page.

CPCS Company Approved Validators

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) requires that an Employer is responsible for ensuring compliance with Scheme rules for the renewal of a CPCS Competent Operator Card. The operator must have their operating experience endorsed by someone who can confirm their operating experience on that machine or equipment. 

The role of the CPCS Approved Company Validator is to provide an independent declaration on the Application to Renew CPCS Competent Operator card (F1/3) by confirming:

a) the applicants details stated in Section A1 and A2 are correct

b) the applicant has a CITB Health, safety and environment test passed within 2 years of the date of application receipt

c) the applicant has a CPCS Renewal test passed within 2 years of the date of application receipt (for each category being renewed)

d) the applicant has proven ongoing category operating ability through:

  • achievement of the CPCS Practical Test
  • achievement of an On-site Assessment
  • recording the minimum number of hours in a CPCS Logbook (and being endorsed competent by an Endorser) 

e) the applicant already hold a blue Competent Operator Card.

To become a CPCS Approved Company Validator you need to be:

  • an employee of the company/organization,
  • have been approved for this purpose by a Director/Senior Manager working for the same organisation,
  • able to access company information, if needed, to confirm the work undertaken by the operator.
  • Assist CITB with quality assurance checks of CPCS Logbooks.

To apply to become a CPCS Approved Company Validator you will need to complete the Application for a CPCS Approved Company Validator (F4/1) form (PDF, 769KB).  This approval is free of charge.

Once approved, a letter of confirmation will be issued and a record of the employer/organisation which the Approved Validator is employed with recorded.


CITB grants can be claimed by employers registered with CITB for employees who have completed training, achieved the CPCS Technical Test or achieved the SVQ or NVQ.

For full details on the grants available and the rules for application, please click here.

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