Minimising fraud

We are committed to minimising fraudulent activity in relation to the delivery of the CPCS scheme.  This includes the unauthorised publication of CPCS Theory Test Questions and Answers for the use in the CPCS Technical Tests. 

Actions CITB will take

Where CITB find published papers on the internet we will seek to remove them and take legal action against the publishers. 

The purchase and use of these papers as a training/revision aid is not supported by the CPCS scheme, using them could result in revising the wrong information and failing the CPCS Theory Test, which will incur additional costs to operatives/employers.  

The use of this material may be viewed as cheating and any card being issued as a result being revoked. 

Reporting fraud to CITB

Should you be approached or made aware of webpages offering this service, please email full details to where we shall investigate further.

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