Group bookings

A group booking can be made for four or more candidates, allowing a number of HS&E tests at different locations to be paid for in one transaction

construction workers

The HS&E tests can be carried out at any of the 160 test centres across the country. Bookings for one to three candidates can be made with a single payment transaction, through the telephone booking line on 0344 994 4488

Payments can be made by credit/debit card, cheque, BACs or voucher.

Standard terms and conditions (PDF, 174 KB) apply. 

Scheduling a group booking 

You need to complete all the required fields for each candidate on the group booking request form (Excel, 344 KB) and detail the preferred date, time and location. 

Before trying to complete your group booking: 

  • Make sure each candidate’s name has been written in full, as it is shown on the ID they will take to the test
  • Read the Secure Email User Guide (PDF, 1 MB) on how to securely send and receive your booking form – then securely email your form to
  • If you are paying by voucher, insert the voucher number against each individual candidate booking request on the form. If you are using an alternative method of payment, include this in the email containing your booking request form and we will arrange a call-back. 
  • If you have a candidate booking the HS&E labourer test, please ensure that the required qualification training is completed before the test is taken.

Once your booking has been confirmed and paid, you will receive confirmation of your booking by secure email. 

Each of the candidates will receive automatic individual confirmation emails/letters of their test appointments, and will also receive an email or text reminder (if requested on the group booking request form) 24 hours before their test. 

Our flexible booking process also allows you to control how and when you pay for multiple test bookings by purchasing vouchers in advance.

Vouchers can be purchased online or by calling 0344 994 4488

Vouchers can also be issued to individuals, to encourage candidates to book their tests online or through the booking line.

Important things to know when booking the CITB test

If you need to book a CITB test for yourself or employees, there are a couple of ways you can do it.

1. Single bookings

You can book up to three people with a single payment.  Just register and book online; or call the booking line 0344 994 4488.

2. Group bookings for 4+

Group bookings offer you the flexibility to book four or more people on their HS&E test, CPCS Renewal Test or Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Site (TBNNBS) at different times and locations; but all paid for in one transaction.

Personal information

To avoid delays in card application, please ensure all personal details are correct:

  1. Full name
  2. Home address
  3. Date of birth
  4. National Insurance number

Correct details

All personal details must be correct, even a spelling mistake can cause delays. Inaccurate personal information can hold-up card application and may prompt a fraud investigation. Incorrect details may invalidate the test.

Other booking services

Third party companies also provide a test booking service; but may charge an admin fee. If your employees book the test themselves, make them aware they may end up paying more than just £19.50 for the HS&E test and TBNNBS and £25 for the CPCS Renewal Test.

If the third party fails to give sufficient personal information to identify the candidate, CITB may have to invalidate a test result.

The new third party policy comes into force on 23 June 2017.

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