CDM Wizard

Updated CDM Wizard coming soon! 

We launched our CDM Wizard app as the first of its kind. Nearly 100,000 downloads later, we know that you find it a clear and very useful tool which helps you comply with CDM Regs. But you also asked for it to be a bit more flexible. In response, we are now developing an updated CDM Wizard with some great new features.  

You will be able to:

  • Create and access your account from your desktop or from any smartphone.
  • Edit plans that you have previously created
  • Start a plan on one device or computer, log on to another device or computer and continue the plan
  • Upload your company logo to be automatically put on to the plan
  • Upload a copy of your signature so you no longer need to print off the document before sending
  • Complete and save multiple plans to the Cloud
  • Have several partially finished plans ready to be completed at a later time.

The new functions on the CDM Wizard have been widely tested. The feedback received has been positive and encouraging.

This new CDM Wizard will be available to download from the end of September. More information will follow once the Wizard is live.

In the meantime download the existing app and join the 97,000+ users already benefiting from a great tool. You’ll receive notification to your phone about the update and be able to transfer all your plans onto the new Wizard when you need to.

How to download

The CDM Wizard app is available for iOS and Android devices. Use the links below buttons to download a free copy for your smartphone or tablet. 

Download app store                                                 Android app download


"It makes a tough looking task straightforward and achievable in the right hands." 


"I’ve just downloaded the CITB CDM App. for creating a simple Construction Phase Plan. It is excellent. Well done on a simple but invaluable innovation."

Dr Billy Hare PhD, BSc (Hon), BA, MCIOB, Reader in Construction Management, School of Engineering & Built Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University.

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