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News 6 March 2015

We need parents onside to recruit next generation of apprentices

Construction apprenticeships are a good option, according to a new poll which shows that 75 percent of parents back them for young people.

“I love everything about this job”

As part of this year's International Women's Day, female construction workers tell us what they love about the industry.

Five ways to attract more women into construction

CITB Board Member Maria Pilford outlines how the industry can attract and retain more women.

Calls to cut emissions by adding green tech to old buildings

Experts at this year’s Ecobuild conference claim the UK must place greater focus on retrofitting.

Experts examine zero-carbon homes at Ecobuild conference

Construction experts debate future of zero-carbon homes at Ecobuild conference.

Poll: Attracting talent into the Industry

Over 200,000 new construction jobs will be created over the next five years, so what is they best way to attract potential apprentices?

Construction sector must address skills shortage to stay competitive

Industry leaders say the skills shortage in the construction sector is the main block to continued growth.

7 reasons to attend Building Futures

Have you booked your free Building Futures ticket yet? Take a look at some of the reasons you should join us.

SMEs need to grow talent from within

Les Owens, MD of The Trustland Group, discusses his experience ahead of the Building Futures summit.

Extra £7 million to train most needed workers

CITB has freed up £7 million of additional funds to train a new wave of construction workers – in the jobs most needed by industry.

Ecobuild 2015: The green construction challenge

CITB's Richard Bayliss talks Ecobuild, the world’s biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment.

Careers advice ‘must be improved’

Schools lack the incentives they need to improve careers advice, warns minister.

Office projects drive construction growth

A number of major office-building projects helped lift growth in the construction industry last month, new figures show.

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