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News 29 August 2014

Infrastructure boom ‘fuels demand’ for construction workers

Increased investment in infrastructure projects is helping to boost demand for talented construction workers, according to a new study.

UK’s construction recovery ‘set to continue’

Further output growth is likely to be seen in the UK’s construction sector over the coming two years, as the recovery of the industry continues.

English road network set for £24bn infrastructure boost

The Government has pledged funding worth £24 billion over the coming six years to enhance England’s road network.

Construction is a great choice after GCSEs

Construction Careers Advisor Greg Anson explains what the industry has to offer and why an apprenticeship is a great place to start.

GCSEs, apprenticeships and the race for talent

CITB's Policy and Strategic Planning Director Steve Radley explains why we should all be championing construction.

School leavers ‘enjoying better job prospects’

The job prospects of school leavers are beginning to pick up, according to a new survey of employers.

Consider construction after A-levels

Andrew Stanley, from the Institute of Civil Engineers, explains how A-levels open the door to a huge range of construction opportunities.

‘Sharp rise’ in disabled Brits securing apprenticeships

A growing number of apprenticeship opportunities are now available to disabled Britons.

Contractors buoyed by jump in building activity

Rising activity levels have buoyed building firms in recent months, according to the Construction Products Association.

Housebuilders set for £850m infrastructure boost

The infrastructure associated with 36 major house-building schemes is to be developed through a new £850 million funding package.

New construction and built environment standards for 14 to 19 learners

Roy Cavanagh MBE explains how the new standards will help to support training, apprenticeships and education.

Funding confirmed to address growing shortage of construction skills

Two million pounds of funding has been committed to a new programme that will address an increasing shortage of construction skills in the capital.

Ministers plot adult training shake-up

Ministers have outlined plans to reform the ways in which adult training courses are assessed, in a bid to focus more on employee skills.

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