All you need to know about Training Standards

CITB is responsible for helping to develop and maintain standards and qualifications in the construction industry. There are many providers of training in construction. How do you know that your training course is good enough? CITB wants to help ensure that the training you or your employees receive is delivered and assessed to a recognised standard. 

This is part of a wider reform CITB is undertaking to increase the standardisation and transferability of training in the UK Construction Industry, which will improve the benefit of funded training to employers and individuals. This will enable CITB to target funding on the training areas of most impact and importance to the construction industry and reduce wasted effort and spend on duplicated training of the employee.

We are drafting Training Standards which will apply to many categories of training carried out for the construction industry. As we roll out each batch of Standards we are asking you for your feedback. Let us know if the draft text within the Training Standards is appropriate for training delivered in this area by completing our feedback form.

After the consultation period closes for each batch we will publish the confirmed Training Standards. Training providers can then match their courses to the Standard and can register on the Training Directory, employers can be certain that their employees have received comprehensive training, and workers can transfer their course training between employers. 

We are publishing 53 Training Standards in this first batch. The consultation period will close on 27 October and confirmed Standards will be published in November. Further drafts will be made available in 2018. 

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