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CITB publishes several reports every year on a number of topics affecting the construction industry.

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Current research reports

Reports in this category are sorted by descending publication date.

Achievers and Leavers: Barriers and Opportunities for people entering construction (2017)

Recruiting and retaining a sufficient talent pool has always been a key challenge for the construction. But if that has been the case for some time, the urgency is even more acute today. The sector must recruit the next generation of construction workers from the widest possible cross section of society and combat an outdated and unattractive image. This report brings together three related pieces of research: what happens to people after completing a construction-related course; the value of Vocational Qualifications; and the reasons people leave construction jobs or apprenticeships early, to give an insight into the barriers and opportunities workers may face when entering the industry.
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Value of Vocational Qualifications in the Construction and Built Environment Sector  (2017)

CITB commissioned this study to examine the benefits that vocational construction and built environment qualifications bring to individuals, employers and the economy of Great Britain.  It aims to explore: employer and employee perceptions of vocational qualifications; how vocational qualifications influence employer recruitment and promotion decisions; the extent to which employers value vocational qualifications for staff professional development; the impact of vocational qualifications on employee earnings and career progression and the speed and persistence of these impacts; and the impact that vocational qualifications bring to businesses and the economy.
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Destinations of Construction Learners in Further Education (2017)

This report presents findings from a survey of learners in England on Further Education, Construction and Built Environment courses in the 2015-2016 academic year who were due to finish their course between June and August 2016. This study compared learners’ expected outcomes from completing their course with the actual outcomes. The study was conducted in two waves: Wave 1 during learning; and Wave 2 followed up with the same learners six months after their courses were due to finish.
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The Construction Industry Early Leavers Survey (2017)

The construction industry commits considerable financial resources to recruiting and training individuals to become skilled employees. The return on this investment will be wholly or partially lost if an individual leaves the industry either during or shortly after their training. As the industry continues to recover from recession there are already emerging signs of skills shortages in certain occupations in parts of the UK, consequently the importance of ensuring that the right people are encouraged into the industry, and are retained once there, is considerable. In order to improve its role in promoting the industry and helping employers to recruit new entrants, CITB needs to understand why the recruitment process can go wrong in either encouraging people unsuited to roles in the industry to join, or not retaining the right people once they have joined.
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Migration and Construction: The view from employers, recruiters and non-UK workers (2017)

This report was commissioned to investigate the nature, scale and demographics of the construction workforce in Britain, with a particular focus on the migrant workforce. It examined the reasons why construction employers are using migrant workers, the potential impact of tighter restrictions on being able to employ non-UK workers post-Brexit as well as views on the likely trends over the next few years in the use of non-UK workers in the sector.
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Faster, Smarter, More Efficient: Building Skills for Offsite Construction (2017)

This report on offsite construction examined how the adoption of offsite construction techniques is changing the skills and training landscape for construction. It identified the different functions required for successful implementation of offsite construction, what skills are needed, the gaps in training provision and what industry and CITB can do to address these challenges.
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Grant Modernisation - Employer Consultation (2016)

CITB is in the process of reviewing the grant scheme and considering how it might be developed in order to meet industry needs and ensure access to relevant skills and training. The main aim of this research is to help inform these planned changes to the grant scheme, building on and supplementing research from CITB’s on-going Investment Funding Review.
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Construction Training Provider Resilience (2016)

This research was carried out in order to provide reliable evidence on the resilience of the construction training provider network. The research was intended to give us a picture of the training provider network identifying:the current state of health of the FE and HE sectors; areas of strength and vulnerability; and determine the likely future FE and HE landscape.
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The Future of Jobs and Skills in the UK Construction Sector to 2030 and beyond

This research was commissioned: to identify the key issues and trends which the UK construction sector may encounter in the medium (up to 2030) and long term (up to 2050); to assess their potential implications for industry employment, skills and training requirements; to identify opportunities for how CITB may best support future industry needs.
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Employment by Occupation in the Construction Industry (2016)

The survey provides information on the numbers of people employed in both manual and non-manual occupations in the construction industry
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Career and Training Progression Routes in the Construction Industry 2016

A programme of research to investigate career progression in the construction sector and, in particular, the relationship between progression and education, training, and qualifications in the industry was undertaken.
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Training and the Built Environment 2001-2016

This report (formerly the Trainee Numbers Survey) measures the number of people entering construction training and provides facts about the industry.
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Skills and Training in the Construction Industry 2015

Results of an annual survey to determine skill needs and training practices amongst both self-employed individuals and employers working in the construction industry across the UK.
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Workforce Mobility and Skills in the UK Construction Sector 2005-2015

Find out about the qualifications levels in the UK Construction Sector, as well as the extent of occupational and geographic mobility.
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Educating the Educators (2014)

This research was commissioned to find out what careers advisers and teachers think of construction, and how best the industry might change their opinions and support their work.
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Productivity Workshop Report 2014

This report describes work undertaken by Whole Life Consultants Ltd (WLC Ltd) on behalf of CITB to identify the trends in productivity, what their causes might be, and what action needs to be taken if productivity is to be improved.
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Qualification Achievements in Construction 2010-2013

Find out about the UK's training provision for the UK Construction Industry.
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Skills Needs Analysis of the Construction and Built Environment Sector in Wales (2013)

This report summarises findings into the impact that the recession has had on the Welsh construction industry.
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Nuclear New Build Employment Scenarios 2012

Improve your understanding of the nuclear new build (NNB) programme and what it might mean for the UK's future training requirements.
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Sector Skills Assessments 2004-2012: Construction

Labour market analysis reports (previously the Skills Needs Analysis reports and Skills Foresight Reports).
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Skills Needs of Specialists in Construction 2012

Labour market information and intelligence, investigating key issues such as skills levels, gaps and needs, recruitment, training and future growth.
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Migrant Construction Workers and Health and Safety Communication 2011

This report provides the basis for suggesting areas where employers and managers can make interventions to improve communicating safe and healthy working practice with migrant workers.
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Evaluation of Work Readiness 2011

This report examines the work readiness of entrants to the UK construction sector who have work-related qualifications.
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Management and Supervisory Skills 2011

This research examines the management and supervisory workforce, qualification levels, training, skills gaps and priority areas for skill development.
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Understanding Future Change in Construction 2010

A report looking at the future skills across the construction sector, taking a high level overview of where the industry expects to be in the short term (1-3yrs) medium term (3-5yrs) and long term (5-10yrs), and the resulting generic skills and training needs.
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Impact of the Recession on Construction Professional Services

These CITB reports, commissioned by the Construction Industry Council (CIC), looks at how the current recession was impacting on the UK professional services sector.
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Reports archive

Reports in this category are sorted by descending publication date.

Skills Provision for the Construction Sector in Wales: Executive Summary

Executive summary of commissioned research to inform transformational change (2011)
Download this executive summary (377kb, PDF)

Skills Provision for the Construction Sector in Wales

Research to inform transformational change (2011)
Download this report (1.7mb, PDF)

UK Built Heritage Sector Professionals 2008: Current Skills Future Training - executive summary

An executive summary of an assessment of UK building professionals' training, knowledge and skills needs in relation to traditional buildings and structures.
Download this report (1.8mb, PDF)

UK Built Heritage Sector Professionals 2008: Current Skills Future Training

An assessment report of UK building professionals, their training, knowledge and skills needs in relation to traditional buildings and structures.
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Build to Last - Reviewing Sustainability Construction 2004: Executive Summary

CITB's Build to Last Programme is about ensuring that the UK is building a sustainable future.
Download this report (292kb, PDF)

Effect of Employment Status on Investment in Training 2003

Interviews with 880 employers, workers and recruitment companies on the effect of Employment Status on Investment in Training.
Download this report (390kb, PDF)

Scottish Construction Skills Survey 2003

This report summarises the findings of a survey of 2,000 Scottish Construction Employers.
Download this report (286kb, PDF)

Market Assessment 2003

Provides a comprehensive assessment of the UK construction industry, its performance and its skills needs for the future.
Download this report (151kb, PDF)

Skills Foresight reports 2000-2003

Providing analysis of the Construction Industry's skill requirements.
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Innovation, Skills and Productivity 2002/2003

This report is a reflection of the construction sector's opinion on innovation through literature review and consultation.
Download this report (1.1mb, PDF)

Foresight Workshop Report 2001

Find out about the future of the industry and the skills and changes needed to take it forward.
Download this report (176kb, PDF)

Managing Profitable Construction - The Skills Profile 2000

This report sets out the findings of the study and shows the influence of skills on performance.
Download this report (278kb, PDF)

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