As an Industry Training Board, CITB is asked by the Secretary of State to show that it has continued support from the construction industry every three years. The Government can then authorise CITB to collect a construction levy from employers and invest it in the training that the industry needs.

What is consensus?

Consensus is the process to secure the support of employers in the construction industry. Through the process, employers from across the industry, large and small, federated and non-federated, are asked if they give their agreement for the levy system to continue. 

How do we get consensus?

Under the Industrial Training Act 1982 CITB is required to consult with organisations that represent employers that will, or are likely to pay Levy. These organisations are called "Prescribed Organisations" and are also known as Consensus Federations. CITB currently seeks the views of 13 Federations as part of the Consensus process.

View the Consensus Federations

Every three years, we engage extensively. We agree the levy options and hold up to 40 meetings with employers. We encourage ‘Consensus Federations’ to consult with their members, then write to tell us whether their members support CITB. 

At the same time, a survey is sent to around 2,000 non-federated employers that reflect the whole industry. The survey asks whether the employers support the continuation of CITB. This is an independent survey, run by a third party research agency. 

When is the next consensus process?

The next consensus process starts in 2017. We last secured industry support for the continuation of the levy in February 2014. 

How does the apprenticeship levy change the process?

In 2017, the Government will introduce the apprenticeship levy. This means that for one year only (financial year 2017/18), companies with a payroll over £3 million and that are in scope to the CITB levy will have to pay both levies.

CITB has agreed a temporary transition package with the industry, for firms that pay both levies that year.

Under this arrangement, these firms will be able to claim CITB funding at an enhanced rate, capped at their level of apprenticeship levy contribution.

The construction industry decides what type of support it wants from CITB for skills and training in the future.

To facilitate this, CITB has set up a new employer-led Levy Working Party to scope the options for how the CITB levy could work alongside the apprenticeship levy, towards a possible new CITB Levy Order for 2018.

How can you make your voice heard during consensus? 

We are consulting extensively with the industry before we go to consensus in Summer 2017.

You can make your voice heard now by telling us what you think of the current levy options, or by joining the Levy Working Party Reference Group. 

We’ll provide more information online shortly. 

CITB is changing

As part of an ongoing process of improvement and change, we are currently modernising our grants scheme. We’ll provide more information about this in the coming weeks and we’ll be asking for industry’s views on our proposals.

If you would like more information or would like to join one of our working groups, please contact

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