Scaffolding and Access Courses

CITB is an accredited training provider of the Construction Industry Scaffolder’s Record Scheme (CISRS)

CISRS Scaffolding Part One: Entry requirements

From 1 September 2015 all delegates wishing to attend the CISRS Scaffolding Part One course will need to have held either a CISRS (green) Labourers card or CISRS (red) Trainee card for a minimum of 6 months prior to the course start date.

If your card has expired you will need to complete this form and send to CISRS to seek approval prior to booking.

Routes to achieving a Scaffolding Card - Green, Red, Blue and Gold cards

How to gain your Green card Scaffolders Labourer (Green) Card

This card is for those who are new to the scaffolding and access industry, as proof of the holder's knowledge of the basics of the industry. You may also need to renew your card every five years, and refresh your knowledge of the industry.

How to gain your Red card Trainee Scaffolder (Red) Card

Build on your knowledge of the fundamentals of scaffolding and access to obtain this card, as it also represents your understanding of how to safely erect and dismantle basic structures.

How to gain your Blue card Basic Scaffolder (Blue) Card

Subsequent to passing the your Level 1 course and six months experience, you can then apply for this card. This card demonstrates that you have knowledge of different scaffolding structures and their implementation on construction sites.

How to get a Basic Scaffolder (Blue) Card (in the order below)

How to gain your Gold card Advanced Scaffolder (Gold) Card

If you are a more experienced scaffolder and want to broaden your knowledge of this industry, the Gold card will represent your knowledge of more complex scaffolding structures, how they are raised and dismantled on site, and the more administrative elements to this area of construction.

How to get an Advanced Scaffolder (Gold) Card (in the order below)


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