Apprenticeship grant: England and Wales

You can claim this grant for your trainee's attendance on a CITB-approved apprenticeship in England or Wales, which lasts two years or more.

To get a grant for the qualification your apprentice gains at the end of training, see Vocational Qualification grant.

Grant codes: A02, A03 and A05

Who can claim

Employers registered with CITB who submitted an accurate Levy Return by 31 December 2016.

The grant supports training for your:

  • employees paid through PAYE.

It doesn’t support training subcontractors.  

What the grant funds

This grant supports training that is part of an approved apprenticeship in England or Wales. The training needs to:

  • lead to an approved National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in a trade related to construction or a specialist trade
  • take place off the job, eg on a day release or block release basis
  • include at least 35 days’ training a year
  • last for two years or more
  • form part of an apprenticeship framework
  • be delivered by an approved work-based learning provider. The apprentice can be managed by CITB or another managing agency.​

How much you can get

NVQ level 2 (two-year programme)

Up to £6000. This includes:

  • £1965 for year 1 attendance
  • £1660 for year 2 attendance
  • £1975 for completing the apprenticeship framework
  • £400 for gaining the NVQ level 2

NVQ level 3 (three-year programme)

Up to £10,250. This includes the payments for a two-year course, plus: 

  • £1125 for year 3 attendance
  • £2725 for completing the apprenticeship framework
  • £400 for gaining the NVQ level 3

You also get an extra 10% payment if you pay the CITB levy and meet certain deadlines. See Supplementary payment.

If you employ an apprentice part way through their apprenticeship, you might qualify for support for the remaining training and qualification (PDF, 220 KB) 

How to claim

The rules around apprenticeship grants are extensive, so it’s important that you read them carefully before you make a claim. Download the rules on apprenticeship grants in England and Wales (PDF, 292 KB)

You need to register your apprentice with a managing agency (CITB or another) within 26 weeks of the training start date.

How to claim if CITB is the managing agency


Once your apprentice is registered with CITB, you'll receive grant payments automatically every 13 weeks throughout the training. 

How to claim if you use another managing agency (not CITB)


1. Tell us about your apprentice

Before you can start to claim grants, you need to tell us about your apprentice and their training so we can check if they qualify for a grant. To do this:

2. Claim the grant for attendance

Once your apprentice qualifies for grant, we’ll send you a grant claim form every 13 weeks. Sign and return the forms to CITB by the deadline shown on the forms.

To claim for the NVQ gained at the end of the programme, see Vocational Qualification grant. You receive the framework completion payment automatically with your NVQ grant.

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