Vocational Qualification grant

Grant codes: A31 to A33

You can claim this grant when your employee gains an approved National or Scottish Vocational Qualification (NVQ or SVQ) at level 2 or above. They must gain the qualification between 1 August 2016 and 31 July 2017.

Who can claim

Employers registered with CITB who submitted an accurate Levy Return by 31 December 2016.

The grant supports qualifications gained by your: 

  • employees paid through PAYE
  • CIS subcontractors who you deduct CIS tax from, depending on the course they followed to gain their NVQ or SVQ.  

How much you can get

  • £400 for each NVQ or SVQ gained.
  • Plus an extra 10% if you pay the levy and meet certain deadlines. See Supplementary payment.

You can claim for a maximum of four NVQs or SVQs at each level per employee in a lifetime. Three of these can be for adding a category to an existing CPCS blue card.

What the grant supports

Gaining a NVQ or SVQ level 2 or above in any subject, including ones that are not related to construction.

The NVQ/SVQ must be gained through one of these training routes:

  • Apprenticeship programme (grant codes A31 and A32).
  • Off-the-job training (grant codes A31C, A32C and A33)
  • On-site Assessment and Training (OSAT) and Experienced Worker Practical Assessment (EWPA) (grant codes A31B, A32B and A33B)

How to claim

The deadline for making a claim is 31 October 2017. You can claim when your employee has gained their NVQ or SVQ. 

Before you make a claim, you should read the details about the Vocational Qualification grant (PDF, 267 KB).

How to claim if Cskills is the awarding body

  1. We’ll send you a pre-completed grant claim form by post
  2. Sign and return this form to us at the address on the form, together with a copy of your employee’s certificate.

If you don’t receive a pre-completed form within three months of submitting your application, you can complete and email a claim form yourself - see below.

How to claim if Cskills isn’t the awarding body.

  1. Download the grant claim form (PDF, 275 KB)
  2. Email the completed form to grant.claimforms@citb.co.uk by the deadline, together with a copy of your trainee's certificate.

If you don’t have your trainee’s certificate at the time you claim, submit your claim anyway and we’ll contact you for it at a later stage. 

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