About grants and how to claim

The CITB Grants Scheme provides funding for CITB-registered employers to train, upskill and qualify their staff.

This ensures that the right skills are available to help the construction industry grow and that standards are maintained on site. 

All CITB-registered employers can claim a grant, including those that don’t need to pay levy.

What grants are available?

Grants are available for a wide range of training and qualifications. 

View the grants available in the 2015/16 Grants Scheme year.

Which employees can you claim grants for

You can claim grants for training the following employees if you declare them on your Levy Return.

  • For training completed between 6 April 2015 to 31 July 2015:
    You can claim grant for labour-only subconstractors (LOSC) and net CIS subcontractors.
  • For training completed from 1 August 2015 onwards:
    You can claim grant for Pay as You Earn (PAYE) employees and net CIS subcontractors.

When to claim

You claim a grant once the training or qualification has finished or been achieved.

We must receive your grant claim by 31 October 2016 for training and qualifications completed between 1 August 2015 and 31 July 2016. We cannot consider claims received after 31 October.

How to claim

You need to complete your Levy Return by the deadline to be eligible to claim grants.

  1. Identify the grant(s) you want to claim for.
  2. Download the 2015/16 grant claim form:
    PDF (275KB): Grant claim form 2015/16
    Excel (128KB): Grant claim form 2015/16
    For certain training courses, such as Construction Plant Competency Scheme (CPCS) and Site Safety Plus courses, we usually send you a prepopulated claim form so you do not need to download one. 
  3. Fill in the form, completing a separate claim form for each training course or qualification you are claiming for. You can complete the form electronically or by hand.
  4. Keep a copy of the form for your records.
  5. Return the form(s) to CITB by email or post at the addresses below by 31 October. If you post the form, keep proof of postage.


    Levy & Grant Customer Services
    Bircham Newton
    Kings Lynn
    Norfolk, PE31 6RH
  6. You will receive a letter to confirm we have received your claim. The letter will tell you if your claim has been approved or you need to provide further information.

Once your claim is approved you will be paid by bank transfer or cheque, usually within 28 days.

Download more information

Download these booklets for more information about the Grants Scheme:

Advice and support

Your local CITB Company Development Adviser (CDA) can advise you on grants and training suitable for your business. Our CDAs are lcoated across England, Scotland and Wales. 

To arrange a discussion with your CDA, or for any other information about the Grants Scheme, phone 0344 994 4455.

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