Registering your business with CITB

Under the Industrial Training Act 1982, all employers in the construction industry must register with CITB and send a Levy Return. This helps us to assess how much levy you pay and gives you access to grants for training. 

If you already have a seven-digit CITB registration number, you don't need to register again.

Why register?

How the levy helps industry and what you get when you're registered.

How to register your business

Once you are sure that your business is classed as an employer in the construction industry, you can register online. 

Register your business online

See if you are classed as a construction employer

You will usually hear back from us within two weeks to confirm your registration or to request more information.

When you are registered, we’ll send you a unique seven-digit CITB registration number. Keep this safe as you’ll need it when you complete your Levy Return and make a grant claim.

How to claim grants after you have registered

To claim grants, you need to first send a Levy Return. We then send you an assessment telling you how much levy you need to pay.

Once you have set up your levy payment, you can start to claim grants.

It can sometimes take over a year from the date you register to when you can start to claim grants.

If you registered before 1 April 2016, you can claim grants for:

  • apprenticeships that started on 1 August 2014 or later
  • other types of training that started on 1 August 2016 or later. 

If you registered on or after 1 April 2016, you can claim grants for:

  • apprenticeships that started on 1 August 2015 or later
  • other types of training starting on 1 August 2017 or later.

Help with registering

  • Ask us a question using the live chat box at the bottom of your screen
  • Contact our levy team at or phone 0344 99 444 55.

Levy legislation

Read government legislation around the CITB levy:

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