Be Fair Framework

What is the Be FaIR framework?

The Be FaIR framework provides a structured approach that helps develop Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) within your construction company, supporting your workforce and your business.

How Be FaIR can help you

CITB’s Be FaIR Framework provides a structured approach to developing fairness, inclusion and respect in construction companies. 

It can change an organisation by:

  • Increasing productivity through improved staff engagement and loyalty.
  • Cutting costs associated with staff turnover.
  • Reducing the likelihood of the skills you've invested in moving to a competitor.
  • Winning work by highlighting that you value good employees who produce a high standard of work.

Promoting FIR in the workforce

Promoting diversity in the workforce has become increasingly relevant. Employers have put systems in place to do this in a variety of ways:

  • Requiring contractors to demonstrate commitment through policy.
  • Requiring contractors to look at their workforce profiling.
  • Local labour initiatives.
  • Monitoring contractor workforce against clients customer base.

The risk of not promoting Fairness Inclusion and Respect

Failing to improve FIR is a risk you can’t afford to take. It may result in:

  • Expensive legal action and loss of reputation, should the issue of discrimination be identified and made public.
  • Legal action (and all its consequences) for failing to operate within UK law.
  • Loss of business to competitors.

How Be FaIR works

The framework consists of core modules and supporting documents and templates. Each module addresses a specific area that aims to create workplaces where employees feel valued and supported.

On completion, organisations will understand their obligations and duties under the Equality Act 2010 and will have all the necessary documentation and processes are in place to commit to a fairer, inclusive and respectful workplace. 

Your journey to accreditation

  • Start with a commitment to change within your organisation. 
  • Demonstrate by taking action – promoting and communicating awareness of FIR to your workforce.
  • Ensure that people and companies that your organisation works with are aware of your commitment to FIR and also start to demonstrate the right behaviours and attitudes in relation to FIR.

Accreditation in Be FaIR is strongly encouraged, but is optional. Simply contact one of the approved Be FaIR Providers here to find out more.

Any successful Accreditation remains valid for a period of 3 years with applicants encouraged to begin the renewal process around 6 months prior to expiry. 

How to get started...

1. Email the Be FaIR framework to register your interest. 

2. Download the Be FaIR framework modules. You can download this set of self-paced modules designed to support your organisation in operating a fair, inclusive and respectful workplace.

3. Work your way through the Modules either as a company or with the help of one of our Be FaIR providers.

Help and assistance

Contact us to find out more about the Be Fair Framework or to request asssitance in working towards Accreditation:

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