Structured fund

What is the Structured fund?

One of three CITB funds, it supports projects where CITB has identified a need for investment.

Each year we work with the construction industry to understand the challenges it faces. Our findings help us decide our top priorities. We then commission projects on priority themes, based on industry need, CITB’s strategy and government policy.

What we are working on now

Our new commission is aimed at increasing access to plant operator training - utilising immersive technology to improve reach across the country.

We have a commission specifically aimed at how to improve the route for those entering into and progressing within sectors of the industry.

We are currently processing applications for recent commmissions on:

A major investment in the new Onsite Experience commission in England, Scotland and Wales.

Find out more details of the individual national commissions

Commissions which have projects running at the moment include:

What does the fund support?

We want our commissions to benefit as many people as possible. So we look for projects that not only improve the situation of participants, but also help other industry employers, and the construction industry as a whole.

We want to fund projects that help the construction industry:

  • make construction an attractive career prospect
  • ensure training and development meets employers’ needs
  • use innovation to respond to new challenges in construction.

See how the commissioned projects fund is helping the construction industry.

How to apply

  1. You'll find details of which commissions are open for applications under What we are working on now heading above. Look for a commission which suits what you can offer.
  2. Complete an Expression of Interest form when available to register your interest in a commission.
  3. The funding team will review your form and contact you to discuss your idea. 
  4. If your idea matches all the criteria for the commission, we’ll guide you through the application process.