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Important updates about the levy

2021 Levy Assessment – Update

CITB is required to submit Levy Proposals to the Secretary of State for the raising and collection of the annual Levy assessment.  Only once the proposals have been agreed by Government and enacted into law (a Levy Order), are we able to issue the Levy Assessment Notices.

Due to the time taken to deliver the Levy Order, the 2021 Levy Assessment will not now take place in April 2022 with the first payment date in May 2022, as previously communicated. It is expected that the 2022 Levy Order will be in place in May 2022 and that the 2021 Levy Assessment will be communicated to employers shortly after.

Employers will still be able to take advantage of the full 10 months interest free direct debit plan, which is now expected to run from June/July 2022 to Apr/Mar 2023.

For non-direct debit employers, the 2021 Levy Assessment payment date will be a minimum of 1 month after the Levy Assessment Notices are issued.