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Be FaIR accreditation

Construction employers who take up the Be FaIR Framework to use in their company, can also choose to be accredited under the framework.

Getting accredited under the framework shows to both your employees as well as partners that you are serious about fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) in your company and workplaces.

How to become accredited

For help on becoming accredited, you can either contact the Be FaIR Framework team on:

  • email: , or
  • phone: 0300 456 7472 (lines open 8:45am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4pm on Friday; closed on Bank Holidays)

Alternatively, you can contact our framework support partner, See Things Ltd who are licensed by CITB to provide framework support and assess employers for accreditation. They can be contacted on:

Cost of accreditation

CITB charges an accreditation fee of £500 plus VAT. The fee covers the assessment report, accreditation certificate and plaque.

Licensed framework support providers will have their own pricing fees to use their service - you will need to contact them for cost details.

As a guide, their fees should reflect the skills, knowledge and experience of the assessor. Please note, on top of their fees, you will still need to pay CITB's accreditation fee of £500 plus VAT.

How long it takes to be accredited

The length of time to complete the framework depends on the time committed to progressing through it. A company could feasibly require 5 to 7 person days over a period of 6 to 9 months to embed the framework within the company and prepare the paper evidence needed for accrediation.

Small subcontractors typically require an estimated 1 to 2 days of support and guidance, including the time for assessment. This usually involves an assessment of paper-based evidence, such a policy and procedure documents, as well as face to face interviews.

Larger companies typically take a longer period of time as a large sample size for the site interviews component is required. It usually takes between 4 to 5 days of support, guidance and assessment to complete the process. However, the more sites there are, the more time it will take.

Your company will need to commit time to gathering the evidence necessary to meet the framework criteria as well as allowing a sample of employees to be interviewed.

Please note, the number of days indicated are an estimate and should be not considered as guaranteed timescales for getting accredited

Renewing accreditation

Be FaIR Framework accreditation lasts for 3 years. You should renew your accreditation at least 6 months before it expires.

Contact your provider or CITB for further details on how to renew your accreditation.