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What is the Be Fair Framework?

The Be FaIR framework gives employers a structured way to develop and embed fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) in their company. This approach allows employers to support their workers and grow their business.

The Be FaIR Framework is tailored to construction companies. While there are other equality and diversity training packages and standards available, these don't cater to the challenges of being a construction employer, such as the complexities of a mobile workforce, subcontracting practices and split work environments (on-site and in the office).

The framework is made up of 5 core modules and supporting documents and templates. The content in each module is construction focused and role specific, and covers all the protected characteristics listed in the Equality Act 2010. The modules also include FIR guidance for leadership, recruitment, management, monitoring, training and procurement.

Workers who perform those roles are encouraged to take up or lead in putting that module into practice in the company and its sites. This helps with embedding the culture and practice of equality throughout the organisation, particularly at site level.

Benefits of implementing Be FaIR Framework

It can change your company by:

  • increasing productivity through improved staff engagement and loyalty
  • reducing the likelihood that the trained staff you've invested in move to a competitor
  • cutting the costs of having to replace and train staff
  • winning work by highlighting that you value good employees who produce a high standard of work.

When employers have finished using the modules, they should understand their obligations and duties under the Equality Act 2010. They should have all the necessary documents and processes in place to demonstrate that they practice a fair, inclusive and respectful workplace.

Be FaIR accreditation

You can also get accredited for taking up the Be FaIR Framework and embedding it in your company.

Accreditation gives you access to ongoing support and the assurance that you are continuing to practice FIR to current standards and guidelines.

Accreditation is valid for 3 years. Companies who wish to renew their accreditation are advised to start the renewal process at least six months before it expires.

We strongly encourage companies to be accredited in the Be FaIR Framework.

See Be FaIR accreditation for more details.

Before you bring in the framework

Before you start using the modules in the framework, you need to:

  • have a commitment to embrace FIR and make the necessary changes within your company
  • make sure that you have told your workers and partners that you work with that you are committed to FIR practices in your companies.

Getting the framework modules

  1. Email the Be FaIR Framework team on  to tell us that you'd like to take up the framework
  2. Download the modules from our website - see Modules and supporting resources for more information
  3. Work your way through the modules by yourself or with the help of our Be FaIR Framework training partner.

You can also be accredited for taking on the Be FaIR Framework. See Be FaIR accreditation for more information.

Promoting diversity in the workforce has become increasingly relevant. There are UK laws that require employers regardless of industry or sector, to practice fairness, inclusion (FIR) and respect within their business.

This practice may take the form of:

  • companies having a FIR policy to demonstrate commitment to these legal requirements
  • employers looking closely at whether they 'profile' their workers based on race, gender, or other physical characteristics
  • companies supporting local labour initiatives
  • monitoring a workforce against client's customer base.

Risks of not embedding FIR

Employers who don't take embedding or improving FIR in their company seriously are risking:

  • legal action for failing to operate within UK law
  • loss of reputation and expensive legal action and possible financial settlements should discrimination be found and made public
  • losing business to competitors.

For more information about the Be FaIR Framework, or for help in becoming accredited:

  • email 
  • phone 0300 456 7472 (lines are open from 8:45am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4pm on Friday; closed on Bank Holidays)