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Anfon eich manylion banc

Sylwer - nid ydym yn gwneud taliadau gyda siec mwyach.

Bydd taliadau grant a phob taliad arall yn cael eu gwneud yn electronig yn uniongyrchol i'ch cyfrif banc.

Mae'r system fwy diogel, effeithlon hon yn symleiddio ac yn cyflymu'r broses dalu i chi. I gael unrhyw daliadau sy'n ddyledus, cwblhewch a chyflwynwch y Ffurflen Awdurdodi Credyd Uniongyrchol Bacs isod.

Cwblhewch y ffurflen hon i anfon eich manylion banc

* yn dynodi maes gorfodol

Company details

Company address

Contact details

Bank details

Bank/Building Society branch address

What we do with your information

CITB will hold this data securely for the purposes of making grant payments and all other payments to you in accordance with this Bacs Direct Credit Authorisation unless you advise us otherwise. We will hold the data against the associated Levy Registration Number. To update this information, contact CITB Customer Operations. If the details provided are incorrect, CITB will not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss incurred by you. If you have any doubts about the details you are providing, contact your bank or building society, who will be able to provide further information. For more details explaining how we use your information, see our privacy policy (below).