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Changing perceptions: the growing appeal of a career in construction

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The construction industry is facing one of its biggest challenges: recruiting talented people into long-term careers. This challenge is intensifying because the growth of offsite construction and the digitalization of the sector will mean the industry requires new types of talent and skills to meet future demand. 

The sector has been working hard on programmes and initiatives to ramp up the recruitment drive, promote the breadth of career options available and challenge dated perceptions of the industry. 

Keeping track of how construction careers are viewed has always been valuable. We can assess the impact of CITB and industry’s endeavours and isolate the challenges that need to be addressed.   

This report – ‘Changing Perceptions: the growing appeal of a career in construction’ – provides a snapshot of current perceptions of construction careers among three key groups: young people, parents and career guidance professionals.

It monitors and outlines emerging trends and notable changes over the last three years. It is based on a survey of 1,000 young people, 500 parents and 839 guidance professionals.

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