About Training Groups

CITB supports over 88 Training Groups across England, Scotland and Wales. These groups allow local construction employers to join up and benefit from discounted training, networking, and participating in projects that promote construction as an attractive and viable career.

Training Groups are local networks of construction employers who 'club together' and use their collective buying power to get discounted training for their workers. A group can be made up of employers in a variety of trades, or in the case of speciality training groups, members are from the same specialist construction sector or trade.

Each group normally elects a chair person to lead the group in planning and deciding what training to buy and organise for their workforce. A dedicated training officer supports the group by co-ordinating the training schedule and making course bookings.

CITB supports these Training Groups by providing a grant to subsidise some of the training costs. The group's training officer usually submits a claim for this grant on behalf of the group - it is not paid out directly to members of the group.

Group members who are also Levy-registered can also benefit from other CITB training grants for courses or qualifications that their workers take in addition to those courses offered by the training group.

Promoting construction

Many of these CITB-supported Training Groups are also involved in helping promote construction as an attractive and fulfilling career choice in local schools and colleges, with some even producing their own careers pack for their members to use at school careers fairs.

Standards and consultation

Several of the Training Groups contribute to the continual development of a training and/or occupational standard, including trailblazer apprenticeship standards. This contribution helps make sure that training and occupational standards are up to date and reflect the needs the industry.

Find a Training Group in your area and learn about available training programmes and other group activities.

As a member of a Training Group, you can:

  • get discounted training for courses run in your local area; your workers spend less time off-the-job/site as a result
  • get some additional financial support above and beyond what is available through one of CITB's training grants
  • get support for training courses which are not currently eligible for a CITB grant
  • network and pursue new business opportunities with other construction employers in your area
  • help promote construction as an attractive and fulfilling career choice in schools and colleges
  • be part of a bigger voice that influences training strategies and policies for the industry in your area and across the UK
  • help make sure that the ongoing development of occupational and training standards are up-to-date and reflect the needs of the job and the industry as a whole.

Being a member of a Training Group also means that you could be part of CITB-funded special training projects to bring new technology or innovative training methods into your area and the wider construction industry.

Find and join your local training group.

There are currently 88 Training Groups, stretching all the way from Shetland to Cornwall. We are not currently looking to set up any additional Training Groups.

CITB supports Training Groups with a grant as a financial contribution to the running of the group. The grant is paid to the group rather than each member of the group and is paid in two instalments over the year (first quarter in arrears; second quarter in advance; third quarter in arrears; and fourth quarter in advance).

The following information is for training group officers on how to submit a grant claim for this Admin & Support grant.

To make a claim, you need to:

  • fill in Administration and support grant claim form
  • make sure you include the following details:
    • name of the training group
    • list of members and their details (this can be found in the Membership details tab)
    • detailed summary of all the training that was undertaken in the quarter. Your summary should include details of the challenge(s) that the training resolved, what was achieved, what went well and didn't go as well, and how you would improve things for the next quarter.
    • sign the declaration section
  • highlight in red which member was active for the period of the claim (i.e. the quarter)
  • submit this form at the end of each quarter (i.e. every three months) to your CITB local manager or Training Groups partnership manager.

Payment schedule

Once CITB has received your form, we will review and process your claim. If we need more information, we will get in touch with you.

Admin & Support claims for payment should be submitted at the end of Q1 (end of June) and the end of Q3 (end of December).