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About Training Groups

What are Training Groups

Training Groups are support networks of construction employers. They help employers access high quality, cost-effective training which is suitable for their individual needs.

Using their collective bargaining power they achieve discounted training rates from Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) and other training providers. Some Groups achieve savings of up to 40% against the market rate and pass this directly on to their members.

Training Groups organise training, advise on mandatory and skill-specific requirements, assist with funding applications, help access CITB grants, arrange networking opportunities and more.

They are not-for-profit organisations and funded via the CITB Levy. Operating across England, Scotland and Wales, all Levy-registered companies are eligible to join a Training Group. If you are not registered with CITB, you can register here.

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Benefits of joining a Training Group

  • Help with planning and sourcing training for your workforce
  • Assistance with claiming grants and funding from CITB and other sources
  • Attend meetings, workshops and events to keep up to date with industry updates
  • Save time on booking training 
  • Futureproof your workforce 
  • Take part in local or specialist organisations' networking opportunities
  • Become part of a collective voice 
  • Develop training which will most help your business grow.

What employers say

"Our Training Group has helped us access cost-effective training for hundreds of operatives and provides essential support enabling us to make informed decisions on key areas of training."

Thames Valley Construction & Civil Engineering

“Our Group Training Officer updates us with construction developments, funding opportunities and value for money training. Our business would not have grown in the last 3 years without this support.” 

Lee Roofing

The different types of Training Group

There are three types of Training Group: Local Training Groups, Regional Specialist Training Groups and National Specialist Training Groups.

Deciding on which Group to join may depend on your individual training needs. You are able to join both a Local and a Specialist Training Group.

Local Training Groups

Employers from a variety of trades operating in the same geographical area.

This could be a region, county or city.

  • Provides micro and small employers with access to local, cost-effective training
  • Excellent way to build closer ties with other local companies
  • Each Group Training Officer brings a wealth of localised knowledge and experience.

Regional Specialist Training Groups

Trade or sector-specific, operating within a certain region. 

  • Enables sector-specific employers to band together and access specialised training
  • Provides support targeted to your business’s region and speciality
  • Supports employers to become accredited or certified within a specific field.

National Specialist Training Groups

Trade or sector-specific, operating across the country. 

  • Deliver skills, training and development to support more bespoke, sector-specific requirements
  • Work to address the issues facing your part of the industry
  • Provides access to discounted niche training and qualifications to upskill your workforce.

How to join a Training Group

Finding and joining a Training Group is quick and simple. 

You will need to supply basic information about your company, including where it’s located, how many employees you have, the training you’re interested in and your CITB registration number.

Find the Training Group that’s right for by you using the button below.

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