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Find a Training Group by speciality or trade

CITB supports 30 Training Groups across 15 different speciality construction occupations, many of which support employers from across GB. Training Groups are listed by trade or area of speciality

Civils Training Group (Yorkshire and Humberside)

Area coverage: Contractors and civil engineering contractors in the Yorkshire and Humberside Area
Key contact: Jemma Carmody
TG Chair: Angie Lee

Civil Engineering Training Group (North East)

Area of coverage: Civil engineering contractors in the North East area
Key contact: Vikki Munro
TG Chair:  Kerry Stanford

Scottish Civils Training Group

Area coverage: Civil engineering contractors across Scotland
Key contact: Teri Urquhart or Jenny MacIver
TG Chair: Adrian Aikman
Website: https://scottishcivilstraining.co.uk/

CONSTRUCT Concrete Structures Group

Key contact: Ian Burnett
Chair of the group: Robert Thompson
Website: www.construct.org.uk

National Demolition Training Group

Area of coverage: Demolition employers across the UK
Key contact:  Iain Kirk
TG Chair: Lesley Ransome

Scottish National Demolition Training Group

Supporting Demolition contractors across Scotland
Key contact: Ralph Russell
TG Chair: Shona Farrell (acting chair)

Plastering and Dry Lining Training Forum

Key contacts: Andrew Partington
Chair of the group: Noel Taylor

Scottish Decorators National Training Group

Key Contact: Lorraine McGregor
TG Chair: Neil Rogers

Hire Train

Key contact: Paul Gaze
TG Chair: Scott Ball
Website: www.hae.org.uk

TOPIC - Plant

Key contact: Rob Squires 

Line Train

Key contact: Amanda Tasker
Chair of the group: Geoff Wright

Independent Roof Training Association Scotland

Key contact: Ian Letham (ian@irtscotland.co.uk / ian@saucersolutions.co.uk)
Chair of the group: Peter Treacy
Website: www.irtscotland.co.uk

London and Southern Roofing

Key contact: Michelle Workman
TG Chair: Mark Notridge

Midland Roofing Training Group

Key contact: Kate Bonsor 
TG Chair: Gary Lane

North East Roofing Training Group

Key contact: Helen Wilson
TG Chair: Alan Chapman

North West Roofing Training Group

Key contact: Sue Wharton
TG Chair: Stephen Bithell
Website: http://northwestrooftraining.co.uk

South Central Roofing Training Group

Key contact & TG Chair: Mike Fildes
Website: www.southcoastrooftraining.co.uk

South West Roofing Training Group

Key contact: Nichola Smith
TG Chair: Andy King
Website: www.swrtg.co.uk

Wales National Roofing Training Group

Key contact: Lesley Hughes
TG Chair: Gregg Brett

Yorkshire Independent Roofing Training Group

Key contact: Denise Cherry
TG Chair: Alex Kettle
Website: www.yirtg.co.uk

Access & Scaffolding Industry Training Organisation (ASITO)

Key contact: Henry Annafi
TG Chair: David Mosley

National Association of Shopfitters Training Group

Key contact: Amanda Scott 
TG Chair: James Filus
Website: https://www.shopfitters.org

Finishes and Interior Specialists Training Group

Key Contact: Marie Flinter marieflinter@thefis.org
TG Chair: Iain McIlwee
Website:  www.thefis.org

Scottish Specialist Contractors Training Committee

Key contact: Ralph Russell
TG Chair: Ian Main

The Steeplejack and Lightning Protection Training Group

Key contact: Peter Bennett
TG Chair: Roy Westwick
Website: https://slptraininggroup.org.uk

Natural Stone

Key contact: Claire Wallbridge
TG Chair: Michelle Turner
Website: www.nsitg.org.uk


Key contact: Sam French
TG Chair: Neil Hancox

Oak Frame Training Forum

Key contact: Nigel Howe
TG Chair: Rupert Newman
Website: http://oftf.org.uk

Wood Industry Training Forum

Key contact: Ian Gurling
TG Chair: Helen Hewitt
Website: https://www.bwf.org.uk/education/training-hub/bwf-wit-forum/