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Scaffolding Instructors Commission

CITB has allocated £210k for a 3 year project to train 16 Scaffolding Instructors to CISRS Part 1 and 6 to CISRS Part 2 accreditations. The primary objective of this project is to deliver a training programme to meet CISRS training scheme requirements ensuring 16 new instructors are trained and developed, to improve consistency across the instructor pool, with the intension to shorten any waiting times for practical training.

CITB requires a sole provider with demonstrable knowledge, insight, and experience of the scaffolding sector along with an excellent industry network that provides full GB coverage to lead and manage this programme. The successful provider will work with their network in the relevant geographical areas with a need for additional scaffolding instructors, and onboard the relevant scaffolding training centres to recruit, train and retain full time instructors.

The opportunity is now live on the Delta e-sourcing platform and external applicants can register and apply until 16.00 on 19th August 2022 by following the link below:


If external applicants have any questions in relation to this commission, these should be asked through the Delta message centre.

Construction Leadership & Management Market Engagement Webinar

CITB is looking to launch a new commission in August 2022. The commission intends to fund 10,500 newly C-ILM qualified Construction front line managers by providing free access to 5 ILM modules to attain a level 3 certificate in Leadership and Management Practice for the Construction and Built Environment Sector, with a budget of £10.5M.

A Market engagement webinar was held on the 25th July to garner input from potential bidders. Please see below for a recording of the webinar.

If you'd like to complete the feedback survey please use this link: https://forms.office.com/r/L2cKWcjezL

Mental Health for Construction Apprentices

CITB wishes to secure a Provider to run a pilot which will provide evidence contributing to addressing key industry problems of completion rates in apprenticeships and prevent the loss of talent through providing mental health support and awareness training to new entrants into construction.

CITB has allocated £90k of funding for a 12 month pilot scheme to test a concept of delivering Mental Health First Aid courses to College/Further Education training staff, and Mental Health Awareness sessions to Construction Apprentices to improve mental health and wellbeing. Apprentices will be working in addition to attending college and completing work for an apprenticeship qualification.

The Pilot would aim to understand how mental health education and support can contribute to improved retention for individuals during their apprenticeship in construction, as well as reducing their likelihood of a mental health crisis when in the workplace.

This opportunity is now live on the Delta e-sourcing platform and potential providers can participate until 5pm on 11th July 2022:


Onsite Experience 2022 Commission (TVB and London)

CITB are inviting bids from the construction industry to create a model of local, onsite work experience and training to help address the recruitment and skills challenges facing the sector in the Thames Valley Berkshire and London LEP areas. CITB have allocated £1.2 million to establish Onsite Experience hubs within these two LEP areas (£600,000 in each area). The primary objective of this commission is to deliver 'onsite experiences' to enable individuals to become employment and site-ready, before progressing at least 50% of these people into sustained employment for a minimum of three months.

Research tells us that in order to get a new recruit to a desired initial standard of site-readiness, employers often need to devote significant time and resource to achieving this, regardless of the recruit's entry route into the sector or previous experience.

Onsite Experience hubs will equip individuals to become employment and site-ready to employer specifications, before they are recruited, providing candidates with support including employability training, short duration construction training, PPE, CSCS cards and work experience, and therefore reducing the resource burden and risk for recruiting businesses. This commission addresses the challenge by funding pre-employment training, and an onsite experience which can be treated as a work trial by the employer, prior to committing to employing a new recruit.

An online briefing and supplier engagement event was held on Monday 6th June 2022. To view a recording of this event, please use the link below. The presentation is also available below:

Interested suppliers will need to access the opportunity on Delta (they may need to register):

Procurement, Contract & Tender Management - Delta eSourcing (delta-esourcing.com)

England Construction Opportunities 

Following our previous Market Engagement Webinar on 13th April 2022 (recording available below), CITB is now ready to proceed with the England Construction Opportunities tender.

CITB requires several suppliers to further develop construction employment opportunities in England through a new commission called, the England Construction Opportunities (ECO), that supports new entrants into the construction industry.

The budget for this commission is £1.82m over 3 years with no capital expenditure.  

The specific criteria in the tender will focus on the support provided in the workplace through job coaching, mentoring, employer engagement, peer and buddy systems or other appropriate support measures to improve the quality and sustainability of work outcomes. This support will be reviewed at 3 and 6 months sustained employment outputs with destination tracking of individuals through a 12-month cycle to evidence outcomes of the support.

The commission will require providers to have in place pre-existing relationships with other agencies to manage the training and development required for an individual to become employment and site ready to enter a construction job. 

The commission is looking to award to a mix of providers; 2-3 small providers and 3-4 larger providers.  

 An introductory webinar to the tender and application process was held 07/06/2022, video linked below. The presentation is also available below.

The market engagement webinar held 13/04/2022 was well attended with questions asked and answered in the video linked below. The presentation is also available below.

Scottish Academy for Construction Opportunities

CITB is investing £3m into Scottish construction to support individuals at the start of their career and increase job retention.   

The commission, Scottish Academy for Construction Opportunities (SACO), will target the Highlands and Islands and Scotland Central and Southern, and allow bids to be customised in response to the specific requirements of local construction employers. The commission is looking to award to a mix of providers; it is anticipated that there will be 1 provider in Highlands and Islands and 2 in Scotland Central and Southern.

Over the course of the three-year commission, participants will be supported in overcoming any initial challenges they may face when starting a new job, as well as being provided with ongoing in-work support. This will include job coaching, mentoring, employer engagement, peer and buddy systems or other appropriate support measures to improve the quality and sustainability of work outcomes. 

The new and innovative opportunity for Scotland has evolved from the lessons learned through Construction Skills Fund (CSF) and Onsite Experience programmes, delivered in England and Wales. While these models have been designed with a focus on enabling job starts, SACO has been implemented to specifically help individuals already Employment and Site Ready (ESR) and working through the next phase of their construction career. For this reason, CITB is looking for bids from employers who can work with organisations to provide the relevant training and experience required. 

Two introductory webinars for this commission and the application process were held on 16th June 2022. Please see below recordings for these events along with the presentation documents:

This commission is now live as of Monday 20th June 2022 with an extended submission deadline of Friday 5th August 2022 at 5pm. Interested suppliers will need to access the opportunity on the Delta Portal (they may need to register). Please see links to access the tender:

Lot 1 - Highlands and Islands: https://www.delta-esourcing.com/respond/9DJQBCSS28

Lot 2 - Central and Southern: https://www.delta-esourcing.com/respond/KS9TFP3483

How to Apply

To apply you will need to register on Delta to complete a submission - click here - (external site will open up in a new browser window).