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Grants and funding

CITB Grants

The CITB grants programme covers funding for a range of day to day training, including short courses, qualifications and apprenticeships.

Plant standards and grants

From 31 July 2023 we have launched new plant training standards and grants. The new standards have introduced standardised plant training and testing requirements across the construction industry.


We provide funding for training to construction employers.

Skills and Training fund

Small, Micro and Medium CITB registered employers can apply for funding to deliver training to their team once every 12 months.

Employer network pilot

Learn more about the new 12 month initiative. Collectively employers will shape the way the funds provided by CITB are spent, and on what. And if the pilot is a success it could radically change the way training is funded by CITB.

CITB funding for the future: case study hub

With funding support from CITB, many construction companies have been able to claim free financial support to upskill their teams, increasing efficiencies and alleviating operating costs.

Industry Impact Fund

The fund is aimed at construction employers looking to make a positive difference to the construction industry by developing solutions to key challenges faced by the workforce across the UK.