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Fairness, Inclusion and Respect

The Be FaIR framework has transferred to the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Take the Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Growth Assessment to see how you can embed FIR in your business.

Promoting diversity in the workforce has become increasingly relevant. There are UK laws that require employers regardless of industry or sector, to practice fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) within their business.

This practice may take the form of:

  • Companies having a FIR policy to demonstrate commitment to these legal requirements
  • Employers looking closely at whether they 'profile' their workers based on race, gender, or other physical characteristics
  • Companies supporting local labour initiatives
  • Monitoring a workforce against client's customer base.

Benefits of implementing Fairness, Inclusion and Respect

It can change your company by:

  • Increasing productivity through improved staff engagement and loyalty
  • Reducing the likelihood that the trained staff you've invested in move to a competitor
  • Cutting the costs of having to replace and train staff
  • Winning work by highlighting that you value good employees who produce a high standard of work.
Supply Chain Sustainability School FIR programme