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Construction Skills Network Industry Outlook 2023-2027

Although the UK economy is facing a recession in 2023, an extra 225,000 construction workers may be needed by 2027, according to the latest Construction Skills Network (CSN) report. The report provides insights into the UK construction economy and its future labour needs.

The data it produces highlights forecasted trends and how the industry is expected to change year-on-year, allowing governments and businesses to understand the current climate and plan for the future.

Looking at the next five years, the report released on Wednesday 18 January 2023, acknowledges the substantial recruitment and training challenges facing industry 

UK summary*

Access the full report including nation and region plans: Construction Skills Network – UK 2023-2027 (PDF, 5.59MB)



*Please note, the reports were prepared before the announcement that Britishvolt had gone into administration, with plans for the car battery Gigafactory in the North East of England being cancelled. We will take account of this when the forecast is next updated.