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Rethinking Recruitment


This comprehensive study on new approaches to recruitment in the construction industry, highlights the opportunities for industry to increase the number and diversity of the individuals it recruits. Additionally, the research provides a view on attraction of a career in construction, while looking at perceptions and image of the construction industry from those working inside and outside the construction sector.

Stace - How to attract the next generation

We have also worked with Stace on some related research into how young people view the construction industry

Stace, one of the UKs leading multidisciplinary construction and property consultancies, with the support from CITB and the Construction Youth Trust, published their updated Next Gen research in January. The report looks at the challenges in the construction industry and what the next generation face in the current climate.

Interviewing over 800 16–18 year olds across the UK the research has tracked the perception of entering construction for a career. The results highlight a challenge to the industry, which continues to suffer from workforce shortages and a government directive for industry to stop relying on overseas labour.

The report provides a step by step guide on how all parts of the industry can work together to sell construction to the next generation.