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Unlocking construction’s digital future: A skills plan for industry

Digital technology has the potential to transform construction - but only if the sector is equipped with the right skills and knowledge.

This report shows how modern technologies can raise productivity, increase efficiency and help attract people to the sector. Without widespread digital adoption, construction risks being marginalised and losing a generation of new talent to other sectors.

The report found that:

  • Digital construction is a catch-all term understood to mean different things by different people. This lack of consensus is part of the problem: industry should be clear on what digital construction means, how best to use it and what skills employees have - and will need.
  • Much of technology being used is not at the cutting edge of what is available. Innovative technology - if used at all - is generally limited to small pilots or trials. Sharing best practice will help industry evolve understanding of the value of digital and the skills and training needed.
  • Data and its effective collection, communication and management are central to digital transformation.
  • Technology-specific skills aren’t the problem - the broader skills and competencies at various levels need to be addressed.

Following the green paper’s findings, CITB is committing to a programme of support, including targeted funding, to help meet the skills challenge to enable sector digitalisation.

Watch this video that highlights digital best practice in the industry.

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