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Interim response to challenges from Hudson Contract

Hudson Contract has been in dispute with CITB over the impact of Levy liability on its own business model since 2009. CITB will take on board and respond to any constructive criticism appropriately but Hudson has not made reference to the history of its own engagement with CITB, or its own financial interest in challenging the Levy; it is important that Industry is aware of this potential conflict. Having failed in the Employment Tribunal and High Court – Hudson is currently appealing its 2016 levy assessment (in the sum of £7.9m) to the Court of Appeal, with judgment due soon. Hudson has a clear and vested financial interest in undermining industry support for the Levy proposals at this crucial time.

In the coming months CITB will open an industry wide consultation on its Strategic Business Plan for 2021/24. This is industry’s opportunity to shape how the CITB Levy is used to the benefit of the entire construction industry so please do engage in this process and have your say.